The Best Hikes In Berkeley, California

Jessica Rico

Whether you are looking for an alternative activity in your workout routine or a fun weekend outing, hiking is sure to leave you satisfied. Both novice and avid hikers alike can enjoy the trails that Berkeley has to offer. Pack some water, trail mix and a camera, because there are breathtaking views awaiting you at the end of each trail.

Berkeley Fire Trails

This seven-mile hike is a grand introduction to hiking in Berkeley. The Berkeley Fire Trails are separated into a lower fire trail and an upper fire trail. The lower trail is made up of more even terrain than the upper trail; it is a shorter distance and perfect for running. The upper fire trail begins with a steep climb, but as you get higher, the trail boasts better views of the Bay Area. Although a good portion of the trail is shaded by trees, make sure to be prepared with plenty of water, some snacks, a hat, and sunglasses.

On The Fire Trail

The Big C

UC Berkeley has a rich tradition of school spirit, and a hike up to The Big C has long been a favorite for students and visitors alike. The hike up is less than a mile; the steep incline is short-lived. Once at the top, a magnificent view of the Bay Area, Alameda and the campus is there to greet you. While enjoying the view, you may also see a few wild turkey or deer lurking around the peak.

View Of UC Berkeley Campus

Indian Rock Park

If climbing rocks and trees was a memorable childhood pastime, look no further than Indian Rock Park to recapture the experience. Take a quick climb up the carved-rock steps to get to the view from the top of the rock. On a clear day, the breathtaking view of both the Bay Bridge and The Golden Gate Bridge can be paired perfectly with a small picnic.

View From Indian Rock

Tilden Regional Park

With 40 miles of trails, Tilden Regional Park offers a variety of terrain for every hiker. Take a look at the trail map to choose the terrain that suits you best. The wildlife enhances the calmness of the hike. Along with hiking, the park is also a delightful area to picnic, camp and go fishing. With scenic routes throughout, there will never be an uninspiring moment.

Tilden Regional Park

Grizzly Peak

Good for catching the sunrise or the sunset, Grizzly Peak is a local favorite situated in the Berkeley Hills. Getting a view of Berkeley, Oakland and San Francisco is what attracts so many hikers to this trail. Escape from the bustling city and enjoy a peaceful hike and a relaxing rest once you reach the top.

Sunset View From Grizzly Peak

Strawberry Canyon Fire Trail

At 7.5 miles, Strawberry Canyon Fire Trail is a moderate trek through the back end of Berkeley. Get enveloped in nature as you make your way up to a scenic view of the Bay Area. Strawberry Canyon Fire Trail is excellent for hiking, jogging and taking your furry companions for a walk.

Garber Park

Located behind the Claremont Hotel, Garber Park is a hidden gem few know about. Cool, green and shaded, the trail is a mile-long stroll through a path with trees and wildflowers. A great destination for getting out of the bit more crowded area of Berkeley, Garber Park is a natural winding road to a peaceful day.

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