The Best Coffee In Sacramento, California

Josh Wright

The coffee scene in California’s capital has been growing apace over the last few years, with a number of prestigious roasters now operating in the city. Head on down to one of these coffee shops in Sacramento.

The terrace at Temple Coffee’s Midtown café

Temple Coffee

Since it was established in 2005, the multi-award-winning Temple Coffee has become a recognized powerhouse not just in Sacramento but in the entire world. Its Ethiopia Yirgacheffe ECX was voted as 2013’s best coffee by They advocate a farm-to-cup process, emphasizing the importance of the source of their beans and the entire supply chain. Try a blended or single-origin espresso at one of their three modern locations in Sacramento, or one of their rarer coffees prepared in a French press or in the pour-over style.

1010 9th St, Sacramento, CA, +1 916-443-4960

2829 S St, Sacramento, CA, +1 916-454-1272

2600 Fair Oaks Blvd #101, Sacramento, CA, +1 916-974-7404

The counter

1. Insight Coffee Roasters

Cafe, American

Old Soul Co.
© Elea Chang/Flickr
The central aim of Insight Coffee Roasters is that the quality and subtle flavors of their product should be enough for the customers of their cafes who won’t have to rely on additives or gimmicks to enjoy it. Care is taken over every aspect of getting the coffee to the cup, from sourcing and farming to roasting and brewing. All four of Insight’s Sacramento branches feature impeccable contemporary design and operate manual lever espresso machines and manual brew bars – they take craft coffee very literally here.

Chocolate Fish Coffee

The importance of quality and integrity to the team here at Chocolate Fish Coffee is such that they visit their growers every year, ensuring that their farmers are adhering to sustainable farming practices. They also believe in freshness, only using beans that have been harvested in the last 12 months and roasting them in small batches. Their baristas have competed at both the regional and national level, and the company helped in the creation of the Sacramento Public Latte Art Tournament and the city’s now annual Specialty Coffee Week. Try their flat white or one of the nitro or flash-brew concoctions.

4749 Folsom Blvd, Sacramento, CA, +1 916-451-5181

400 P St #1203, Sacramento, CA, +1 916-400-4204

A batch of Naked Coffee

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