The 7 Best Vietnamese Restaurants In San Francisco

Phuong Pham

One of the best aspects of San Francisco is its multicultural cuisines. Vietnamese cuisine is getting more and more popular today. There are numerous places to get a good dish; however, it is not easy to find a place with authentic taste. Check out the seven best Vietnamese restaurants in the city.

Fresh Spring Rolls and Bo La Lot

1. Co Nam

Restaurant, Vietnamese

Co Nam
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Located in fancy Nob Hill, Co Nam aims to bring the rustic taste of Vietnamese street food to a whole new level. The atmosphere is very tempting for a fancy date, with acceptable price dishes. Bo La Lot is a must-try item – typical street food in Ho Chi Minh City. Not only is the dish well done, but its sauce is also perfect. There are several items that have been Americanized, but overall the restaurant and the chef bring great service experience to the foodies. Don’t worry if you feel homesick eating Co Nam’s food, because it is normal.

2. Tin Vietnamese Cuisine

Restaurant, Vietnamese

Iconic Beer of Saigon
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Any Vietnamese living in the Bay Area would have to go to Tin at least once. This spot is located near Downtown and is well known for its friendly service and authentic meals.The Bun Cha Ha Noi (pork patty vermicelli), Bun Rieu, Chicken Salad, and Pho Ga are the most outstanding items on the menu. Other than that, even the lemonade, iced tea, and coffee taste like they came straight from Vietnam. If you have already been to Tin, you should visit again, because your tummy deserves it.

3. Ha Nam Ninh

Restaurant, Vietnamese

If you are craving some noodle dishes, but not Pho, Ha Nam Ninh is the place to go. In Vietnam, noodle dishes are very different from region to region. One of the most famous noodle dishes in the South of Vietnam is called Hu Tiu, and Ha Nam Ninh offers the most authentic taste of that popular meal. Dry noodles with soup on the side are another great experience to try, so you can expand your list of Vietnamese noodle soups. The special sauce (made from soy) makes the dish totally outstanding. Don’t forget to bring cash with you, as Ha Nam Ninh is cash only.

Turtle Tower

Here we go: the most popular franchise pho restaurant in San Francisco. There are three locations where you can try the traditional noodle dish of Vietnam. The broth is tasty, and the quality of food is consistently good. The extra green vegetables (cilantro, jalapeno, etc.) make the soup light and healthy. The convenient locations and the price range make Turtle Tower worthy being on the list of any foodie.
Turtle Tower locations:
645 Larkin St, San Francisco, CA, USA +1 415 409 3333

501 6th St, San Francisco, CA, USA +1 415 904 9888

5716 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA, USA +1 415 221 9890

Dry noodle with soup on the side

4. Yummy Yummy

Restaurant, Vietnamese

Ask any Vietnamese person in San Francisco and he will tell you the chicken wings at Yummy Yummy are the best in town. The soup with crab meat and fish belly is one of a kind. Yummy Yummy’s appetizers and rice plates are excellent, as well. Also, Bánh Xèo, the Vietnamese crêpe, tastes right and good here. The service is quite good, and the staff is definitely very helpful. Delicious sandwich just $4.50| © Loon E., Yelp

5. Saigon Sandwich

Sandwich Shop, Vietnamese

You’ll find the best Vietnamese sandwiches at Saigon Sandwich, approved by the Vietnamese community. This deli spot is small but busy, and the hostess is really friendly. The quality is perfectly simple but outstanding. Any option is all good, pork or chicken or the combination. Who can imagine $5 could take your tummy to heaven? Saigon Sandwich is the best place to get amazing food and take it home to enjoy completely.

6. Quan Ngon

Restaurant, Vietnamese

There has been much praise about the pho noodle soup at Quan Ngon. It is hard to say, but it is true that all of the noodle dishes here hit the spot every time. The options are more diverse. The location is great compared to other hot spots, since there is a lot of space for parking. If you don’t want to deal with the business of the city, Quan Ngon is a great alternative for your tummy.

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