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Palmdale | Ⓒ Rennett Stowe/Flickr
Palmdale | Ⓒ Rennett Stowe/Flickr
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The 10 Best Restaurants In Palmdale, California

Picture of Bethany Currie
Updated: 9 February 2017
Palmdale is conveniently located not far north from Los Angeles. Its significant Mexican population gives the city a wealth of authentic Mexican restaurants, along with a diverse selection of other cuisines. Here are the best places to eat out in Palmdale.
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Fire Island Grill

If Palmdale’s sunny weather and proximity to the Pacific is getting you in the mood for some traditional island fare, Fire Island Grill offers some tasty Hawaiian flavors. The menu includes dishes such as pineapple teriyaki, luau pulled-pork, and Hawaiian barbecue chicken. The restaurant is low-key and modest. It’s ideal for families looking for a filling meal with a welcoming atmosphere. The food is healthy with plenty of salads and vegetables, with a range of vegetarian options too.

40117 10th St W, Palmdale, CA, USA, +1 661 272 1402

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Shogun Sushi

Shogun’s kitchen is run by a qualified sushi chef who uses only the freshest and tastiest ingredients, bought daily from a fish market. The restaurant is small, which gives it a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. The sushi is delicate and perfectly presented, while table service from the chef’s wife adds a personal touch. The range of dishes makes it ideal for both those looking for a light lunch or something a little heavier.

828 Ave Q-6 E, Palmdale, CA, USA, +1 661 947 5557

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Guadalajara Taco Grill

For a real taste of Mexico in Palmdale, Guadalajara Taco Grill offers classic Mexican home cooking. The food is all made from scratch and doesn’t lack in flavor; popular dishes include quesadillas, shrimp tacos, and steak torta. The service is friendly and personable, and the restaurant is owned by a Mexican family, ensuring authenticity.

832 1/2 E Avenue Q 6, Palmdale, CA, USA, +1 661 947 9638

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Chelly’s Cafe

The perfect place for breakfast or lunch, Chelly’s Cafe is a classic cafe and deli. The interior is cozy and modern, with a stylish wooden floor and tables that are always bustling. Popular options include corned beef hash or chicken fried steak and eggs for all-day breakfast, with a selection of sandwiches and salads for lunch. It’s a great option for those looking for a friendly independent cafe with a laid-back vibe.

40008 10th St W, Palmdale, CA, USA, +1 661 267 1700

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Baracoa Lounge

For a relaxed atmosphere, live music, plus great food and drinks, Baracoa Lounge is a great choice. The restaurant is owned by Cuban-Americans, so the food is authentic and full of traditional flavors. The menu offers items such as spicy empanadas, Cuban sandwiches, or braised beef, with an enticing drinks menu to go with it. The lounge is sleek and stylish, with a sophisticated selection of wines.

853 Auto Center Dr, Palmdale, CA, USA, +1 661 265 9463

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Lee Esther’s Creole and Cajun Cooking

Lee Esther’s is a great restaurant offering delicious food and exceptional service. Diners can choose from classic Louisiana dishes such as jambalaya, Cajun chicken bowl, or blackened catfish, with a selection of specials. The authentic flavors take diners straight to Louisiana, with Southern hospitality to match. For something a little different to the more common West Coast flavors, Lee Esther’s can’t be missed.

830 1/2 E Avenue Q-6, Palmdale, CA, USA, +1 661 266 0000

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Jasmine Thai

The most popular Thai restaurant in Palmdale is Jasmine Thai, a classic restaurant offering favorites including pad Thai, panang curry, and ginger stir fry. The chef is originally from Thailand, so all the food is authentic and prepared in the traditional way. The ingredients are fresh and made to order, while the restaurant itself is unassuming from the outside but surprisingly sophisticated and tasteful in the interior.

326 E Palmdale Blvd, Palmdale, CA, USA, +1 661 274 8424

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Lu&Pe Mexican Restaurant

Lu&Pe is a lovely Mexican restaurant, popular for breakfast as well as lunch and dinner. The restaurant is small with attentive and friendly service, with the owner serving customers. The menu is not extensive but everything is homemade and prepared to perfection, with options such as chicken tamales, huevos rancheros, or ‘Mexican flag’ burritos. The restaurant also offers a specials menu, which changes regularly.

422 W Rancho Vista Blvd B140, Palmdale, CA, USA, +1 661 947 5873

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Boom Boom Chicken

For an alternative to the usual American chicken restaurant, Boom Boom Chicken is a Korean chicken restaurant offering dishes such as chicken teriyaki, katsu, and a few non-chicken options including pork dumplings. The place is set out like a fast-food chicken shop but is exceptionally clean and modern, with a fresh design that sets it apart from other similar joints. The chicken is fresh and juicy, and full of flavor — a great option for a light lunch.

827 W Palmdale Blvd, Palmdale, CA, USA, +1 661 273 1100

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Alice’s Burgers

Alice’s Burgers offers the classic diner experience, opening early for filling breakfasts with an extensive lunch and dinner menu, full of home-cooked options. The service is always friendly, and the dishes are very affordable, with breakfast specials. As the name might suggest, the diner also offers some great burgers, juicy and full of flavor. This is a lovely place to stop for a family meal.

801 W Palmdale Blvd, Palmdale, CA, USA, +1 661 266 8550