The Best Restaurants In Fremont, California

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Home of the largest Afghan-American population in the country in addition to a number of Chinese, Indian, and Filipino immigrants, Fremont is a diverse suburban city in California. The cuisine reflects this, so we’ve rounded up the best spots to try.
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Satomi Sushi

Sushi delights

Known to serve the best sushi in the Bay area, Satomi Sushi is an authentic restaurant that dedicates itself to serving the community with traditional as well as modern Japanese sushi. The restaurant procures high-quality ingredients that were grown through the use of sustainable practices in local areas. By doing this, it upholds its obligation to provide sushi that well represents the quality of sushi from Japan. Many diners have complimented the restaurant’s original Dragon Roll. Also well-regarded are its daily specials such as the Bluefin Tuna roll and Bonito (skipjack tuna) roll. At the restaurant’s Wednesday and Thursday Sake night events, the staff call out ‘SAKE’ and the customers shout in return, ‘Bomb’ which makes for a fun experience.

Country Way

As its name suggests, Country Way is an American diner that specializes in classic Western-style meals while maintaining a home like feel to the environment. These meals include breakfast items such as omelets, eggs, bacon, sausages, and pancakes. Its most famous and popular dishes are the Country Way Special Omelet, which consists of a combination of ham, link sausage, bacon, and a choice of cheese mixed and stuffed into an omelet. There is also the Farmer’s Breakfast, which is meat-heavy breakfast items that includes three eggs, two pieces of bacon, two sausages, and half a slice of ham. The restaurant has been praised as one of the best breakfast places in town that serves generous portions for cheap prices.

Sala Thai

Known as the best Thai restaurant in the city of Fremont, Sala Thai Restaurant specializes in authentic cuisine that originated from the native country. Though constantly busy, especially during lunch as well as dinner hours, the restaurant never fails in its delivery of delicious dishes. It procures its fresh ingredients from local sources and ensures that they are of the highest quality. One of its most well-known items is the Pad Thai. This is a standard Thai dish that combines stir-fried rice noodles with prawns, tofu, egg, and ground peanut sauce. Another is Kao Pad Kra Pow, which is also known as spicy Thai fried rice that is stirred with onion, basil, bell pepper, and a choice of meat. Also popular is the green curry, which is green curry paste mixed with bamboo shoot, bell pepper, sweet basil, eggplant and coconut milk.

Sala Thai, 39170 State Street, Fremont, CA, USA, +1 818 758 2227

Bob Sang Korean BBQ & Tofu

Korean kimchi

Famed to be the Bay area’s best authentic Korean restaurant, Bob Sang Korean BBQ & Tofu mainly features traditional Korean dishes. However, it also provides modern fast food items as alternatives such as hamburgers, sandwiches, and Mexican and Chinese cuisine. The central ingredient of the restaurant is Korean barbecue. Some of the most globally popular items are Kalbi, which is Korean short ribs, and Dak Guyee, which is Korean barbecue chicken. Along with the main dish comes several small side dishes. The most common ones are kimchi (fermented cabbage), and japchae (clear noodles flavored with vegetables and sesame oil). Though the restaurant specializes in meat dishes, some other traditional Korean options that it presents are pa-jun (rice flour pancakes made with assorted seafood and scallion), and bibimbap (mix of rice with sautéed vegetables, ground beef, and fried egg).

Le Moose Crepe Café

Located in the Los Arboles Shopping Center, Le Moose Crepe Cafe is a small diner in Fremont that specializes in crepes as well as Thai cuisine. One of its unusual and original savory crepes include the Le Moose Sunrise. This consists of scrambled eggs mixed with bacon, jack and cheddar cheese, tomato and pesto sauce. There is also the Thai green curry, which includes chicken, mozzarella and spinach covered in green curry sauce in a crepe. Other than its crepes, the cafe serves traditional Thai pasta options, such as pad prik khing. This is a dish with meat sautéed in red curry paste, green bean, and bell pepper. Another good pick is pla rad prig, which is deep-fried fish covered with fresh chili sauce. No matter what the dish they choose, all customers leave satisfied.

De Afghanan

Home of where the original restaurant first developed, De Afghanan in Fremont, California, serves authentic Afghan food. The founder, Aziz Omar, desired to recreate his childhood memories of rich, aromatic and savory flavors of Kabul, Afghanistan, his hometown. He successfully did so by opening the first restaurant location in ‘Little Kabul’ of Fremont. Since the opening, De Afghanan has provided the community with exquisite Afghanan appetizer dishes full of flavors. These include Aush (traditional Afghan noodle soup with ground beef, yogurt, and dry mint) and Kado Borani (roasted squash covered with garlic yogurt, dry mint and Afghan bread). There are also kabob dishes, which Afghan cuisine is noted for. Some of the restaurant’s most popular specialty kabobs are lamb kabob (charbroiled lamb shish kabob) and teka kabob (charbroiled beef shish kabob).

Aniki’s Sushi

Located in the center of Fremont, Aniki’s Sushi Restaurant and Sake Bar serves traditional Japanese cuisine that is adjusted with a modern element. Whether the sushi rolls, appetizers or sashimi plates are traditional or non-traditional, Aniki’s ensures that each item is made with the best quality of ingredients. Some of its most popular traditional rolls include, but are not limited to, tuna rolls, salmon rolls, and yellow tail rolls. Meanwhile, some of the restaurant’s more well-known specially cooked rolls consist of an inside as well as an outside layer. There is the OMG roll, which consists of shrimp tempura, crab, and avocado on the inside, and tempura langostino, green onion, and tobiko on the outside. Another is the Bay Area Rush Hour roll, which includes crab and avocado on the inside and scallop, green onion, and tobiko on the outside. Such differently designed rolls are what attract customers worldwide and often leave them in awe.

Falafel, Etc.

Fresh Falafel served in a Pita bread.

Dedicated to serve some of the authentic Middle Eastern cuisine in the Bay Area, Falafel, Etc. utilizes fresh local ingredients. The place also uses materials such as Shawarma seasoning that are imported directly from Israel to formulate secret family recipes. As its name indicates, the venue is known for its falafels. These are fluffy fritters made from grounded chickpeas and seasonings such as cumin, cilantro and parsley. Just as hamburgers are a staple in America, falafels are common delicacies in Middle Eastern countries such as Israel, Lebanon and Palestine. However, to make its falafels special, Falafel, Etc uses a newly developed family recipe to blend the ingredients freshly every morning. Then, they kettle fry the falafel in front of customers, making it freshly crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

Falafel, Etc., 39200 Fremont Blvd, Fremont, CA, USA, +1 510 795 7170

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