The 10 Best Brunches In East Sacramento

The 10 Best Brunches In East Sacramento
Known for its exquisite Farm to Fork cuisine, Sacramento offers a multitude of amazing dining options. We’ve searched for and found the best places in East Sacramento for brunch.
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Nopalitos Southwestern Cafe

Cafe, Mexican
Nopalitos Southwestern Café, Sacramento
Nopalitos Southwestern Café, Sacramento | © Larry Miller/Flickr
Nopalitos Southwestern Cafe is a local favorite thanks to its amazing full menus with Mexican flavors at both breakfast and lunch. Nopalitos serves amazing breakfast burritos, fluffy omelettes, Fuevos rancheros, chile verde, buttermilk pancakes, french toast, and much more. Regulars especially love the Little Cactus Special, which consists of Mexican tortilla chips, eggs, cactus, corn, and cheese scrambled together, topped with cheese, mild salsa, sour cream, and your choice of their ranchero or green chili sauce. At lunch, the tamale bowl is also a favorite.
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Orphan Breakfast House

Orphan Breakfast House serves old favorites with healthy, low-fat, low-sodium options in heaping portions. It is an extension of the local Naked Coffee family, and its name comes from the tern ‘orphan business,’ meaning a small operating business unit that does not integrate into a larger business sector and is not supported or funded by a larger entity or commercial sponsor. Their pancakes, sweet corn breakfast tamales, roast beef hash, avocado scramble, and rosemary potatoes have turned the place into one of the most popular breakfast spots in Sacramento.
Address & telephone number: 3440 C St, Sacramento, CA, USA, +1 916 442 7370

d Street Bistro

Bar, Bistro, Restaurant, Contemporary, American, Steakhouse, $$$
33rd Street Bistro, Sacramento
33rd Street Bistro, Sacramento | © Thomas Hawk/Flickr
33rd Street Bistro serves treats such as cracked hazelnut waffle, Northwest scramble, and trout hash: everyone will find something to love on the breakfast menu. You can even get a bag of delicious donuts for dessert. Service is always quick and friendly, even during the popular weekend brunches that feature bottomless mimosas at a great price. The outdoor patio is also a lovely place to sit on nice days.
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Selland’s Market Cafe

Bakery, Bar, Cafe, Market, American, $$$
Selland's Market-Cafe East Sacramento, Sacramento
Selland's Market-Cafe East Sacramento, Sacramento | © Eric Fredericks/Flickr
Selland’s Market Cafe has a great atmosphere, consistently good service, and high quality food. Most of the products and ingredients they use are locally sourced from farmers and producers in the area. The eggs Benedict pizza, carnitas breakfast burrito, and prosciutto pizza with sunny side up eggs on top are especially popular menu items, and they even offer weekly Sunday brunch deals as well as Bloody Marys and Mimosas. All of the delicious baked goods, cookies, cakes, and pies are fresh and made from scratch.
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Les Baux

With artisanal breads baked out in the open and incredibly delicious pastries, Les Baux is known for being the neighborhood café with some of the best tasting food and baked goods around. The Orange pancakes, made with orange juice and topped with fresh strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries, are an extremely popular breakfast choice, as is the worker’s breakfast with two perfectly scrambled or fried eggs, tasty applewood smoked bacon, and a fruity toast. They also serve freshly brewed drip coffee, with favorites like the mocha freeze and the espressos. With their meals, they also offer a complimentary basket of house baked bread served with local EVOO and flavored salt combination that works really well. The rest of their menu consists of French, Vietnamese, and American fusion of great eats, most notably the delicious Banh Mi.
Address & telephone number: 5090 Folsom Blvd, Sacramento, CA, USA, +1 916 739 1348

Chargin’s Bar & Grill

Bar, Pub, American
Chargin's Bar & Grill, Sacramento
Chargin's Bar & Grill, Sacramento | © Angelo Amboldi/Flickr
Locals regularly come to Chargin’s Bar & Grill for breakfast because of the fantastic fried rice, pancakes, chicken fried steak, and eggs, as well as the amazing Bloody Mary and friendly service. The famous Frank’s Fried Rice has bacon, bell peppers, mushrooms, Longaniza, and breakfast sausage, topped with your favorite style of egg. The eggs and sausage, as well as the biscuits and gravy, are more popular breakfast choices. They also have a popular off-menu item called the Portuguese Power Omelette that is extremely delicious.
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Sacramento Bagel

With a great variety of bagels, sandwiches, and pastries to choose from, it’s not hard to find something you’ll enjoy at Sacramento Bagel – this is certainly no basic bagel spot. Their wide selection of bagels includes spinach asiago, garlic, onion, and cinnamon raisin. They also serve fantastic perfectly toasted bagel sandwiches, like the chicken Cuban on a jalapeño cheese bagel, and the Sunrise bagel, which allows you to choose your bagel, cheese, and meat, and combine it with eggs, onion, and tomato.
Address & telephone number: 4701 H St, Sacramento, CA, USA, +1 916 451 9895

Hoppy Brewing Company

When you stop by Hoppy Brewing Company for a weekend breakfast, you’ll get great food with great Bloody Marys, and they’ll even send you home with a free 20-ounce beer on Sundays. The delicious eggs, potatoes, toast, and chicken apple sausage breakfast features sausages from Reeds Meats and rye swirl toast from Sacramento Baking Co., and you can also get smoked salmon if you’re looking for something interesting. The portions are huge, especially with the tasty country fried steak covered in gravy with eggs, potatoes, toast, a mini bagel, and a mini muffin.
Address & telephone number: 6300 Folsom Blvd, Sacramento, CA, USA, +1 916 451 4677

Cafe Rolle

Cafe, Restaurant, European, French, $$$
Cafe Rolle is a fantastic place to go for brunch. Known for its authentic French cuisine, staff, and atmosphere, this cafe serves French classics like the croque smoked salmon monsieur, lamb sandwich, vanilla creme brûlée, and the popular Stacy’s favorite, a smoked salmon or roast beef sandwich with caramelized onions, garlic aioli, and melted brie on a French roll.
Looks like it's closed Hours or services may be impacted due to Covid-19
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