Meet The California-Based Musician, Will Ivy

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24 April 2017

Meet California-based pop musician Will Ivy, who recently released his first single with Pretty Penny Records. Check out the record here (available only on vinyl — each copy with its own unique cover) and read on for our interview with the artist.

How would you describe your work to someone completely unfamiliar with it?

Pop songs written on guitars in all sincerity in 2015.

What is the most unusual project you’ve ever worked on?

I don’t know how to answer that. I don’t try to be intentionally unusual or different, I just try to be a true form of myself. If anything I think the day jobs I have worked in supermarkets to make ends meet make me feel the most unusual.

Courtesy of Will Ivy

What advice would you give someone trying to break into the business?

Don’t try to break into the business. Just make art and do not expect a reaction from anyone.

What’s next for you?

I will be releasing my debut LP in the coming year, while getting to work on recording the next one.

Courtesy of Will Ivy

What’s your favorite museum or gallery?

I went to The Broad recently and enjoyed it. It is free and has a great collection of modern art, as well as some of the most current art I have seen in a museum setting. My ‘favorites’ always change, so I try not to keep favorites.

What artwork would you love to have in your living room?

‘Woman on a Bicycle’ by Willem De Kooning.

What’s your favorite album” Favorite musician?

My favorite album is The Velvet Underground self-titled LP. The one that starts with ‘Candy Says.’ The mood is so perfect, and it sounds like you are in the room with them.

Courtesy of Will Ivy

Where is the best place to see live music?

My favorite place to see shows is at warehouses, house parties, art spaces. I like non-conventional venues because it doesn’t feel so much like a business trying to make money off of artists and patrons. Just feels more like a genuine exchange of art between the musicians, the space, and the audience.

How would you describe yourself in 80 words or less?

Brown Hair. Brown Eyes. Olive Skin. 180 lbs. 5’11”. Age 27. Born in California. Lived in Long Beach, San Diego, Tulsa, Bakersfield, Phoenix, San Francisco, Los Angeles. Love travel. Love food. Probably drinks too much. Loud laugh. Thinks too much. One sister. Both parents living in California. An artist on Pretty Penny Records. That’s 50. Or it was until I typed that. Now I lost count.

Courtesy of Will Ivy

Apple or Android’


Picasso or Matisse?


Coffee or tea?


Hemingway or Nabokov?


Rome or Paris?

Rome, because I have been to Paris. I hope Paris recovers from the recent tragedy. Wishing safety and peace for Paris.

Rock or folk?

All genres.

Interview by Courtney Holcomb

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