In Conversation: LA Designer Anine Bing

Anine Bing, fashion designer, CEO and fashion influencer, in her home office in LA, 2018
Anine Bing, fashion designer, CEO and fashion influencer, in her home office in LA, 2018 | © In-addition PR
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Fashion Editor5 September 2018

Danish-born, LA-based fashion designer Anine Bing creates rock-inspired collections that reflect her personal style. Culture Trip asks what inspires her designs and why she chose to call this Californian city home.

When Danish-born Anine Bing launched her namesake label in LA in 2012, she brought a rock-inspired aesthetic to the city’s fashion scene that set the premise for luxury items with a cool-girl edge. Her collections comprise structured leather jackets, band T-shirts and studded ankle boots – all now signature items that have proven popular with fashion lovers the world over.

Instagram is key to the label’s success, and Bing, having established a blogging empire before launching her label, knows exactly how to utilise the platform. The designer promotes Anine Bing collections via her personal account, which is followed by more than 600,000 people.

Culture Trip asks why she set up shop in LA and the significance of having a strong social media presence in fashion today.

Fashion designer Anine Bing in her home office, LA, 2018 | © In-addition PR

Culture Trip: What inspired your career change from blogger to fashion designer?

Anine Bing: I’ve always been in one creative space or another. I started blogging before blogging was really even a ‘thing’ and I performed in a band, but it was a stepping stone to where I am now. My blog evolved and designing was a dream of mine, so it was a very natural next step in my career.

CT: How would you describe the Anine Bing aesthetic?

AB: It’s a mix of minimalism influenced by my Scandinavian upbringing and the effortlessness of LA street style but there’s an emphasis on classic pieces that go with everything. I think my Danish background has a really clear presence in the more minimal items in our collections. I grew up around refined, clean-cut design and simple style which is reflected in the Anine Bing white tees or the classic leather pants.

CT: How does this aesthetic translate globally?

AB: The balance of European heritage and American energy is something that I think most women can relate to. I’ve lived in both places and I understand that all women are looking for clothes that fit into their everyday lives. I want my clothes to make them feel like themselves and to feel beautiful. That’s something that I think resonates with every woman no matter where they live.

Anine Bing browsing the rails of her SS18 collection, LA, 2018 | © In-addition PR

CT: Why did you choose LA as a base for your label?

AB: LA has always inspired me and whenever I travelled here from Europe I would feel at home. It’s such a creative place and it inspired me to be myself and to follow my dreams. Our offices are downtown and we often shoot campaigns and images on the streets. There’s always something going on to look at or take inspiration from. This city keeps finding its way into my designs.

CT: What is your role in the business?

AB: My official title is Founder and Chief Creative Officer, but every day my role crosses into different areas of the business. Some days I am in the design studio picking out fabrics and details for a new collection and other days I’m on site at new store openings or preparing for a shoot. I’m very hands on and I hate to feel bored so I’m always happy to dive into whatever the company needs in order to grow.

Anine Bing moodboard, LA studio | © In-addition PR

CT: How important is it that you as the founder are a brand ambassador?

AB: All the clothes that I design are based on my personal style so it feels really natural for me to represent the label. No matter what I’m doing, whether it’s being in the office or taking the kids to school, I only wear Anine Bing. It’s the reason I created this company – to make timeless pieces that women can wear again and again.

CT: How do you use social media to amplify the brand?

AB: Instagram has a huge impact on our brand and it’s a great way of communicating new arrivals and styling options. I also think it’s an amazing way of staying in touch with what customers really want and what they respond to. People are very vocal on this channel and it guides my choices as a designer.

CT: How would you describe the power of fashion influencers at Anine Bing?

AB: When our ‘muses’ wear an item from my line and post it on Instagram it impacts the brand in a different way and it gives a true look into how different types of women wear the clothes every day. Showing real-life scenarios emphasises how relatable it is.

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