How To Be A Hipster In San Francisco

Seleba Ouattara

Hipster culture is, admittedly, very strange. To begin with, no one is quite sure what an actual hipster looks like. We can no longer classify a ‘hipster’ as a glasses-sporting, flannel-wearing, elaborately bearded entity with strange music/book tastes, a gluten-free/soy latte palate, and a longboard to make haste. With the rising popularity and obsession with hipster culture, these things have long been laid to rest in the ‘hipster graveyard’ of mainstream culture, never to return again.

A pair of ‘hipster’ roller skates

While you can’t verbally define a hipster, you can definitely still sense the presence of one. There is an aura about the hipster that screams individuality and mystery, and you can’t help but to be sucked in by his eccentric charm. Hipster culture is definitely a phenomenon that cannot go unnoticed, despite its ambiguity.
Compiled below is a humorous list of what a hipster (of the San Franciscan variety) might be like.

They Have Unusual Modes Of Transportation

You may find hipsters casually unicycling or roller skating around the city, an act which speaks to their environmentally friendly spirits. It is also an undeniably great way to stay fit. However, whether it is safe or not is… an entirely different article.

‘Hipster’ in Ink

They Buy Their Clothes At Really Rare Shops

You won’t have the same clothes or style as them, ever. You can most likely find them being thrifty at Wasteland or Buffalo Exchange of Haight Street (the home of counterculture!), among many other San Francisco thrift stores.

They Support Small Business Start-Ups

…well, how else do you think great food places gain popularity? Hipsters always seem to discover the small food trucks first, long before tourists begin to line up across the street.

‘Hipster’ Tacos from Tacolicious SF

They Participate in Poetry and Storytelling Slams (And Are Really Good At It, Too)

San Francisco is home to many poetry and storytelling ‘slams,’ which are open mic nights with a competitive edge. The Moth, an online podcast dedicated to storytelling slams, hosts events in San Francisco frequently. You’re sure to find a silver-tongued hipster at one of these events.

They Have Creative Hobbies

They express themselves through media like music or movement. You’ll often find them spending their days in music shops or parks, perfecting their craft. If you ask nicely, they might even play you a mean mandolin solo.

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