A Day In The Life Of A San Francisco Techie

The Googleplex © Robbie Shade/Flickr
The Googleplex © Robbie Shade/Flickr
San Francisco is the breeding ground for a very dense technological ecosystem. The tech boom has affected everybody’s daily life, which makes the city more and more diverse and interesting. Here’s an insight into a techie’s life in San Francisco.
The Googleplex © Robbie Shade/Flickr

Work Whenever it Matters

‘Nine to five’ is no longer common in the technopolis. Software engineers starts their mornings later than others, and young CEOs finish their work on weekend nights. Of course, don’t be surprised if you see your friends get up at six in the morning to get ready to work. Working hours are no longer a measurement for performance – it’s all about efficiency and productivity.

Micro kitchen at Facebook © Phuong Pham

Gorging on Free Food

Without a doubt, free meals have become a major perk for anybody working in tech in the Bay Area. Living in an expensive city is one of the biggest concerns for young professionals here. As a result, numerous employers try to offer free food to their talent in order to give them quality time to focus on their work. From big corporations (Facebook, Google, etc.) to startups (Glassdoor, Uber, etc.), free meals vary from breakfast to dinner. Don’t forget the micro-kitchens; they are all very tempting.

Lyft car © Alfredo Mendez/Flickr

The Best Ways to Commute

San Francisco has some of the most convenient public transportation, which helps a lot to ease the commuting concerns of the techies living in the area. MUNI and BART are pretty reliable within San Francisco. If you’re about to moving to this amazing city for a job opportunity, you might want to get yourself familiar with sharing community services such as Zipcar, Scoot, and other popular services like Uber and Lyft. For other folks who get a chance to work at big corporations, transportation seems like a small concern since there are buses to ferry them to and from work.

Camping inside the Googleplex © John Lester/Flickr

Work Smart, Play Hard

When you visit Facebook, Google, or any open work space in San Francisco, you will notice an interesting point: ‘work environment’ is getting a new definition. There are no more cubicles, and there are ping pong tables instead, with tiki bars and other conveniences. In this day, it is important how a techie maintains a work-life balance, since a worker’s performance is affected by the their happiness.