8 Best Los Angeles Coffee Shops to Write In

Girl writing in coffee shop.
Girl writing in coffee shop. | ©Francisco Gonzalez
Kayleigh Roberts

Nine-to-five office jobs are simply not the norm in Los Angeles. In a town where everyone is an Aspiring Something, the whole city becomes the people’s workplace. For writers—whether they be pros, amateurs, or amateurs-hoping-to-be-pros—the makeshift office is often a coffee shop. With that in mind, here are eight of the best Los Angeles coffee shops where you can go to get work done.

1. Priscilla’s Gourmet Coffee, Tea & Gifts

Coffee Shop, American

priscillas coffee
© Priscilla's Gourmet Coffee, Tea & Gifts

Priscilla’s Gourmet Coffee, Tea & Gifts in Burbank is a favorite spot for writers. The cozy, quirky little shop serves coffee, tea, and pastries, and sells coffee beans for people who want to replicate the delicious brew at home. The space is homey and comfortable, with both indoor and outdoor seating.

2. The Bourgeois Pig

Coffee Shop, American

Settled in Los Feliz right next door to the Upright Citizens Brigade, The Bourgeois Pig is a hipster’s dream come true. The dark and dreamy décor makes it feel like a far away land or a place out of the past. The coffee and pastries provide delicious fuel for the body, while the ambiance provides fuel for the imagination.

3. Bricks & Scones

Cafe, American

This cozy coffee shop offers both indoor and outdoor seating—and the seating is so cozy guests will feel like they’re in Central Perk. Writers should head straight for The Study, which has solo desks, each brightened by a lamp—and requires that guests be quiet. It’s the perfect place to get in a day of not-at-the-office work.

4. Insomnia Café

Coffee Shop, American

Insomnia Café is a writer’s dream come true. The shop, located on Beverly Blvd, offers free wifi with purchase and tons of outlets—which means it attracts a lot of writers looking to hunker down and get work done. There’s also coffee and light eats, of course, but the real draw is that the place seems custom-made for writers.

5. Alcove Café & Bakery

Bakery, Bar, Cafe, American

Alcove Cafe & Bakery
© Salina Canizales / Flickr
The Alcove Café & Bakery in Los Feliz offers a truly magical ambiance. While there is some indoor seating, the real charm (and bulk of the seating) is outside on the patio. The tables are colorful, and at night the rustic-chic patio is lit with twinkle lights. In addition to amazing coffee and pastries, Alcove boasts a full menu of delicious meals for writers to munch on all day.

6. Silverlake Coffee

Cafe, Coffee Shop, American

Silverlake Coffee is a quiet local coffee shop with a homey vibe and delicious food. In addition to cozy indoor seating (with outlets), Silverlake Coffee outdoor patio is a perfect writing spot. It’s a favorite for writers in Los Angeles and it’s not unusual to see open laptops at nearly every table.

7. Lamill Coffee

Cafe, Coffee Shop, American

Lamill Coffee
© JoVe DX / Flickr
Lamill Coffee is a local favorite known for its top-notch brew, with hand-drip and siphon-brewed coffee made from beans roasted on site. The ornate, luxurious décor makes this spot as inspirational as it is trendy (which it oozes with—it’s a hotspot for lunch, so it’s important to plan accordingly).

8. Caffe Luxxe

Cafe, American

Caffe Luxxe
© TEDxSantaMonica / Flickr

This delightful spot is inspired by Italian cafés and is a favorite among professional as well as aspiring writers. Caffe Luxxe is known for its artisanal espresso and coffee, and also has a location in Brentwood. East side writers will have to travel a bit to work here, but it’s well worth the trip.

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