7 Amazing Places in Southern California You Didn't Know Existed

Torrey Pines
Torrey Pines | © moonjazz / Flickr
Juliet Bennett Rylah

Not all of Southern California’s beautiful and fascinating places are as well known as the Santa Monica Pier or Joshua Tree. Some of them are tucked away, waiting for an adventurous traveler to discover them. Here are seven hidden gems of Southern California, including the ruins of a socialist commune and a movie ranch you might recognize from your favorite Western.

1. Malibu Hindu Temple

Hindu Temple

Malibu Hindu Temple
The Malibu Hindu Temple is a temple of the Hindu gods Venkateswara (presiding deity of the upper complex) and Shiva (presiding deity of the lower complex), with shrines to other gods as well. The beautiful temple, built in 1981, offers both services and educational tours. It is free to enter, though donations are accepted. Before heading out, be sure to read the guidelines for visiting.

Sunken City

In the 1920s, a six-acre neighborhood of bungalows stood in San Pedro, blissfully overlooking the ocean. Yet in 1929, the structures began to slowly slide into the ocean. It was so slow that most of the bungalows were successfully moved, sans two that were lost forever. Since the 1940s, the area has been fenced off, and behind the fences are the ruins of the former neighborhood, covered in graffiti, and a stellar view. There’s been some talk of reopening the area to the public, though as of press time, it’s considered trespassing to explore beyond the fence.
Sunken City, San Pedro, CA, USA

Sunken City

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