4 Flea Markets and Thrift Stores in Sacramento

Shopping for books at a thrift store
Shopping for books at a thrift store | © Chase Elliott Clark / Flickr
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21 April 2018

Finding secondhand stores that carry anything worthwhile can be challenging at best. But not at these Sacramento thrift stores and flea markets.

This city’s bargain scene is full of opportunities for affordable steals that look good too. The trick is knowing where to look to find these quality and affordable goodies. These are the top four flea markets and thrift stores in all of Sacramento.

Folsom Boulevard Flea Market

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Shopping at a flea market | Shopping at a flea market

Up and running in Sacramento since 1970, the Folsom Boulevard Flea Market is a mainstay in the city. Every Saturday and Sunday from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., quality goods such as furniture, colorful produce, and clothing are up for grabs with price tags that’ll wow the most frugal of shoppers. Affordable buys and haggling are staples at the Folsom Boulevard Flea Market, as they have been for decades. In the 50 years that it’s been in business, the flea market has grown from about 25 vendors to over 450 every weekend, offering a prime and vast collection of secondhand treasures.

Eco Thrift

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Shopping for books at a thrift store | Shopping for books at a thrift store

The shelves at Eco Thrift, a massively sized shop, are practically bursting with all of its inventory, which comes in weekly. Exploring Eco and all of its entirety can take up to a couple of hours of thrifting—something that many locals aren’t shy about doing. The quality of the clothing, shoes, bags, books, home goods, and the rest of the merchandise would make the most stubborn thrift-skeptic a believer in secondhand shopping. If that isn’t enough to persuade the cynics, every week Eco Thrift color codes different items; for that whole week, much of the store’s high-standard collection is 25%, 50%, or 75% off.

Thrift Town

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Thrift Town | Thrift Town

In business since 1972, Thrift Town combines affordable deals with an environmentally conscious mission with the community in mind. This Sacramento chain works with local nonprofits to purchase its merchandise; all 4,000 gently used items that arrive daily come straight from Thrift Town’s nonprofit partners. The store doesn’t take any used goods from individuals or other bargain shops. The common factor this shop has with other Sacramento thrifts is its hosting of Color Tag Sales every week, with thousands of 50%-off deals.

Upscale Thrift

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Posing with pink mannequins | Posing with pink mannequins

As the name describes, Upscale Thrift offers deals on higher-end goods. Used vintage men’s and women’s clothes make it a favorite stop in the thrifty paths of younger bargain hunters, while plenty of home items and goods—from ordinary to rare—keep the more seasoned clientele coming back to Upscale. Brightly painted walls and mannequins create a vibrant and young atmosphere that’s difficult to find at other traditional thrift stores.