10 Fashion Trends That Embody Southern California

Sarah Fehrenbach

Southern California is known for its beautiful beaches and free thinkers. It is a place where sun-kissed residents enjoy glorious sunshine all year round and have the option to wear whatever they want, whenever they desire. This individuality has led to a rich embrace of fashion culture. By incorporating their own taste, Southern Californians have created a wonderful blend of runway, vintage and free spirit. Discover ten fashion trends that embody Southern California and its inhabitants.


This one-piece is not a timid fashion choice. Bold patterns or solid colors, varied silhouettes and multiple lengths. It is the perfect choice for business attire as well as a night out on the town. With this trend gaining favor, merchants are meeting the high expectations of every body type, allowing it to be a flattering choice. It is the perfect counterpart to the confident individual who will pull this off. In lovely Southern California, you can be fearless in wearing this without a sweater. Be you in this one-of-a-kind design.

High Waisted Skirts

Whether you are strolling down Rodeo Drive or attending your grandmother’s tea, the high waisted skirt is the perfect selection. Versatility is a promise this skirt makes to its wearer. You will never be underdressed or overdressed, for you can accessorize and match just about anything with this wardrobe necessity. Don’t allow the hot temperatures of Southern California intimidate you when it is time to dress up. Put on this subtle piece and revel in its inspiring cut.

Kimono Robes

The Kimono robe embodies a fashion forward mindset with an appreciation for history. It is a wonderful addition to the simple and elegant, business and special occasion. With fluctuating temperatures, Southern California residents heartily embrace this lovely item in those brief cool weather moments. The kimono robe satisfies the desire for functionality and will offer warmth, freedom and grace. With its multiple patterns and variety of textures, this piece will be a great addition to your year-round wardrobe.

Loose and Fit

If you are looking for the ideal outfit to wear to your next movie in the park event or concert, look no further. The loose and fit look is a wonderful fashion constant that allows you the freedom to sway with the music or curl up and enjoy your favorite film. This is even a great option for Casual Friday at work. What makes this a Southern Californian favorite is its simplicity. A simplicity that offers the ability to pair whatever you wish alongside it.

Floral Designs

Floral patterns are no longer limited to your grandmother’s wallpaper. Flirty and innocent designs of your favorite flowers have found their way on multiple styles of dresses, tops and more. This fun option is making its way through Southern Californian beaches, amusement parks and so on. Individuals of any age and style can wear this all-inclusive selection. With summer here, now is the time to purchase that floral jumpsuit you’ve been eyeing. Why not conquer two fashion trends in one?

Blazer Paired with Jeans

The Blazer is a crucial part of a wardrobe, presenting professionalism and style in one. Another necessary item is a good pair of jeans that can be worn to work and on special occasions. Why not pair the two together? This popular trend is not a new craze but a classic choice. The one without the other looks like you may be trying too hard or that you are not trying hard enough. However, the two together, and with a great pair of shoes will help you pull off the look every individual strives to present.

Two Friends

Mini Dresses

The mini dress is a staple item. Living in the 21st century of fashion offers wearers numerous options in terms of mini dresses that are of differing modesty, charm and fun. It is interesting to see how it has grown beyond the mini dress of the 1980s and moved into the present day frock we see many Southern Californians donning with pride. Next time you are in the mood for something fun, the mini dress will be the right choice.

A Splash of Color

With the increasing temperatures and longer days, white is becoming all the rage this summer season. The crisp appearance of white causes the wearer to feel ethereal, as they try to avoid every piece of dirt that crosses their path. However at times, all white may not be enough. Less is more comes to the fore in the fact that a splash of color goes a long way. Another wonderful thing about white is that it pairs well with anything. Be bold in your color choices. You may find choosing darker colors could make your white garment stand out even more.


Who wouldn’t want to wear something that you can slip on in one movement and be ready to walk out the door? Tunics are an effortless design that can be worn alone or with your favorite accessories. It is the perfect dress for a beach bonfire or a company picnic. With the rise in the tunic trend, multiple patterns and solids make this clothing option appealing to many Southern Californians. The tunic will invite the wearer to explore the world around them.


Bohemian pieces offer the wearer the opportunity to be free and live fearlessly, which is equivalent to their own free spirited attitude. The Boho style is frequently seen at the beach, as well as at concerts and festivals. This timeless trend is in full swing with both the young and the old, conservative and unconventional. The Bohemian style has made a lasting impact in Southern California and looks set to stay.
By Sarah Fehrenbach

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