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10 Amazing Brunches In Alameda

Picture of Jessica Rico
Updated: 2 November 2016
In a peaceful and charming city like Alameda, there are plenty of spots to grab good brunch food. For the perfect weekend, check out our guide to the best of the best brunches in this city.
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La Penca Azul

La Penca Azul is a local favorite thanks to their authentic Mexican food. Staying true to traditional Mexican flavors, the menu features enticing dishes such as the smoky huevos rancheros. They also serve an American style brunch, which ranges from a classic French toast breakfast to a hearty sirloin steak and eggs. No matter what you are in the mood for, La Penca Azul has just what you need. Visit them at either their Park Street or Bay Farm location.

La Penca Azul, Park Street, Alameda, CA

La Penca Azul, Island Drive, Alameda, CA

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Cafe Jolie

With a French inspired menu, Cafe Jolie boasts fresh eggs Benedict’ and fluffy beignets. The combination of crafty decor, great ambiance and excellent service makes Cafe Jolie an all-around pleasant experience. Come by and try out one of the fresh baked pastries.

Cafe Jolie, Webster Street, Alameda, CA

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Relatively new on the scene, Homeskillet has established itself here in the Bay Area with its simple yet engaging menu. Priding themselves on their handmade donuts, they also serve many old favorites like ham & cheese omelets and hotcakes. A modest and comfortable setting, Homeskillet has a perfect atmosphere for a cozy brunch.

Homeskillet, Park Street, Alameda, CA

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The Hobnob

The Hobnob serves many universal favorites, from fried chicken and waffles to chilaquiles to grilled cheese sandwiches. The clean and polished quality of the space is also quite pleasant. While you are waiting for your meal, you can also have a little fun with their in-house board games.

Hobnob, Park Street, Alameda, CA

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Little House Cafe

Their refined yet down to earth brunch makes Little House Cafe a popular choice on Sunday mornings. With satisfying flavors, dishes like their eggs Benedict are sure to keep you coming back for more. Its a small place filled with helpful staff, making the experience cozy and pleasant.

Little House Cafe, Blanding Avenue, Alameda, CA

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Looking for a healthier brunch? Look no further than Wescafe, where you can find satisfying teas and smoothies. Using fresh ingredients, Wescafe offers your choice of ingredients in either a sandwich or a wrap. The chicken sandwich oozes with tangy pesto and the perfect mix of tomato, basil, and spinach. Thanks to its open dining area, your meal at Wescafe is sure to be delightful.

Wescafe, Webster Street, Alameda, CA

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Blue Dot Cafe And Coffee Bar

Offering a comfortable and all around welcoming experience, Blue Dot Cafe And Coffee Bar is a perfect spot for takeout and for dining in. With delightful flavors of vanilla and cinnamon, the French toast strata is a must to satisfy your sweet cravings. Perfect for one person or a whole family, Blue Dot Cafe and Coffee Bar is a superb choice for your next brunch.

Blue Dot Cafe & Coffee Bar, Encinal Avenue, Alameda, CA

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Albert’s Cafe

A long time favorite of Alameda, Albert’s Cafe offers quick and exceptional service. Their most famous menu item is the hippy mix, which includes bold flavors such as bell pepper, onion and garlic. Pair it with homemade hash browns for a totally unique meal.

Albert’s Cafe, Webster Street, Alameda, CA

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Lakeshore Cafe

Lakeshore Cafe is the perfect spot for brunch. From fruit stuffed French toast to the Lakeshore Omelet filled with apple sausage, there is plenty of choice. The patio area decorated with greenery and fountains is a lovely brunch setting if the weather is nice!

Lakeshore Cafe, Lakeshore Avenue, Oakland, CA

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Red Onion

A perennial Alameda favorite, Red Onion offers a vast brunch selection to choose from. Omelets, burritos, and pancakes are just some of the items available. Try their daily specials, so you can be sure you are getting the most out of your experience.

Red Onion, Park Street, Alameda, CA