This Is the Number One App for Meeting New People

Meeting new people can be difficult
Meeting new people can be difficult | © Shapr

Whether it’s in your home city or abroad, making the right human connections can inspire you, broaden your interests, and even help you uncover those hidden gems in every location you visit.

Every city holds millions of opportunities, and the best way to take advantage of them—whether you’re visiting or living there—is to get out of your apartment and meet real people. But how do you even start? Turn up at a bar and hope for the best? Stand awkwardly on the edge of conversation hoping to be invited in? There is an easier way to make the right connections.

Shapr is a free networking app that makes it ridiculously simple to connect with people in your city or while traveling. It works a little like dating apps, but the goal is non-romantic connections. People use it to create career opportunities and friendships instead of hookups. Shapr has over a million users, many of whom have actually found co-founders, investors, job offers and even bridesmaids through the app.

The Shapr app in action

Here’s how it works: Shapr uses your self-selected interests, location, and job title to suggest 15 to 20 personalized profiles for you to look through each day. You ultimately decide who you’re interested in meeting by swiping right. If you reject somebody they’ll never know, so you don’t have to worry about hurt feelings. But if you select the meet button and that person does too, you can chat and arrange a place to connect in the real world.

It’s a super easy way to quickly find nearby people who share your interests and are actively looking to expand their networks.

And Shapr doesn’t just help you meet people in your home city. If you’re on your way to a new destination, whether for a vacation, a business trip, or moving permanently, you can upgrade for a few dollars to Shapr Plus and activate a Teleport feature that will let you connect with people all over the globe. It’s the perfect way to line up a local tour guide or meet a few people before you arrive.

Once you’re matched you can meet up with people

Instead of relying on Instagram to discover what other lives are like, get unique perspectives from the people actually living those adventures by meeting them face to face. Shapr takes less than two minutes a day to use, which means you can easily start a conversation while sipping your morning coffee or waiting for your checked luggage to arrive. No matter where you live, meet people that will inspire and motivate you on where to go next, both in your career and in your city.

So what are you waiting for? Download Shapr here for free and make your first connection.

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