The Best Spanish Schools in Mexico City

Classes are small at Celcum
Classes are small at Celcum | © Alexis Brown/ Unsplash
There are plenty of great spots to learn Spanish in Mexico, but many second-language Spanish learners are drawn to the capital, Mexico City, with all it has to offer. So here are some of the best Spanish schools in Mexico City.

Frida Spanish School

Frida Spanish School lives by notion that you need to learn about a culture when taking language classes and that’s why their courses focus on immersion techniques and casual conversation in places other than the classroom. To start, you’ll have to take a placement exam, after which you can begin either standard or intensive classes the following Monday. Standard classes include 20 hours a week of Spanish learning.

Learning Spanish is easy in Mexico City © Dan Gold/ Unsplash

Universidad La Salle

At Universidad La Salle’s Condesa campus you can take part in Spanish classes year-round, choosing from three week, five week and private courses, plus classes specially tailored for kids. Registration is just as year-round, and you’ll be given a placement exam before enrolling so you know at which level to start. Perhaps one of the best things about this Spanish school is that the groups are super small, so you can get some really dedicated attention from the teachers.

Study in Condesa with Universidad La Salle © Alejandro/ Flickr

Lengua y Cultura

Also in Condesa, you can enrol with Lengua y Cultura which offers quite the rare find in terms of Mexico City Spanish language schools—Saturday morning classes. This makes Lengua y Cultura excellent for students who have full-time jobs and don’t have midweek flexibility, for example. Plus, their interactive classes are effective.


The Celcum slogan is ‘communicate well to understand better’ (it has more of a ring to it in Spanish, we promise), and this Zona Rosa-based Spanish school offers classes for all levels; in fact, its courses cover all six levels of the Common European Framework of language learning. As well as that, Celcum only employs native-speaker teachers, who work with small groups, promoting language exchange to get a feel for not only Spanish, but Mexican culture too. If that weren’t enough, it often arranges cultural excursions.

Classes are small at Celcum © Alexis Brown/ Unsplash


Widely recommended by Spanish learners, CEPE (Centro de Enseñanza para Extranjeros—Teaching Centre for Foreign Students) at Mexico City’s UNAM (said to be the best university in the country) admittedly favours traditional but rigorous teaching methods, but they are imparted by professional, native teachers. Studying Spanish with CEPE would ensure you develop a good grasp of grammar, as well as allowing you to practice speaking in the classroom environment.

Modern Language Center

Coyoacán’s Modern Language Center is a language school that’s more adept at adapting its programmes to the needs of the individual learners. Within their classes, they actually use a combination of teaching materials from UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México) and Spain, so you won’t feel too lost when you go to Madrid after taking a Spanish course here.

Coyoacán has language classes too © RociH/ Pixabay