An Introduction To Frida Kahlo In 9 Artworks

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Frida Kahlo is arguably Mexico’s most famed, iconic artist. From her monobrow to her flower adorned hairstyles, her distinctive aesthetics garnered almost as much interest as her artwork that was dominated by self-portraiture; of her estimated 140 paintings, 55 are self-portraits. While many considered her a surrealist, Kahlo rejected that title, as her work was immensely autobiographical that focused on Mexicanidad (Mexicanness), the culture and tradition of her beloved patria (homeland) and compellingly introspective subject matter. Here’s a chronological introduction to this fascinating artist in nine artworks.

Mi Nacimiento (My Birth) (1932)

This piece belongs to the private collection of Madonna, a self-proclaimed huge fan of Kahlo. This is perhaps one of Kahlo’s most visceral and shocking artworks, which expresses the turmoil in her personal life at the time of painting. Having just suffered a miscarriage (an experience in itself that would come to define both her life and art), she had also found out her mother was dying of cancer. The rebirth of her own bloody head from between the legs of an unidentified woman is as startling today as it was when it was painted in 1932.

Private Collection of Madonna Ciccone

Museo Frida Kahlo

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