The Best Places to Try Mezcal in Mexico City

Mezcal is in the middle of global boom with plenty of excellent mezcalerias in the Mexican capital to visit
Mezcal is in the middle of global boom with plenty of excellent 'mezcalerias' in the Mexican capital to visit | © Maurizio Polese / Alamy Stock Photo

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Mezcal, an often-smoky spirit made from agave, has been enjoying a boom for quite some time now. So as you can imagine there are plenty of places to get your mezcal fix in the Mexican capital. From dedicated ‘mezcalerías’ serving it neat to hip bars that offer top-notch mezcal cocktail concoctions, here are the best places to try mezcal in Mexico City.

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1. La Botica

Bar, Mexican

This stalwart mezcalería has a grand total of six locations across the capital which makes it both convenient and reliable. However, we recommend heading to one of the two Condesa branches as you can enjoy your tipple in some suitably hipster yet upscale surroundings, with minimal interior decor but a pleasingly extensive mezcal menu. There are around 50 mezcals on offer, but do try the exquisite flagship brand.

2. Los Amantes

Bar, Restaurant, Mexican

Los Amantes in Polanco has an almost overwhelming selection of more than 200 mezcal varieties to try. In addition to the breathtaking range of bottles on offer, the vibrantly colored, yet soothingly lit, Los Amantes also offers delicious Oaxacan-influenced cuisine.

3. Alipús Endémico

Restaurant, Mexican

Alipús Endémico are both a mezcal producer and provider, serving their own-brand bottles in their several Mexico City mezcalerías. As such, we highly recommend giving their eponymous brand a go when you’re there. Head to their best known location, which sits in a quieter part of the popular Condesa neighborhood. Sample your mezcal in peace, accompanied by traditional Oaxacan food.

4. Mano Santa

Bar, Mexican, Vegetarian

A little off the beaten mezcal path in the Mexican capital is Mano Santa, which started from humble beginnings before moving to a spot in the Insurgentes neighborhood. Here, you’ll find all manner of mezcals, from those they produce themselves using wild Oaxacan agave, to more varied brand names and flavors that have been distilled in unique ways. Get there early if you want a seat – it’s a small spot and the crowds are thick.

5. Mezcalero

Restaurant, Mexican

Coyoacán is home to the excellent Mezcalero. Situated right in the heart of this artistic zone, this is one of the best known watering holes in the neighborhood. They have a menu replete with ingenious concoctions and combinations and judging by their candlelit tables, this would make a great spot for a date.

6. La Clandestina

Bar, Mexican, Cocktails, Wine, Beer

Tucked away in the streets of Mexico City, the appropriately named La Clandestina is a small but perfect spot offering a menu of around 40 different mezcals. What it may lack in choice compared with other mezcalerías, it more than makes up for in the sheer quality of its products, many of which are artisanal. We wholeheartedly recommend La Clandestina for those new to the mezcal-drinking world, as the staff are incredibly knowledgeable about their offerings and the menu is also packed with information.

7. Bósforo

Bar, Mexican

One of the biggest and most recommended names on the Mexico City mezcal drinking circuit, Bósforo is a long-standing mezcalería in the capital with a reputation to match. Perfectly located in the historic center of the city, it’s easy to see why it has developed such a loyal following of patrons, despite the petite size and simple decor. Try out some mezcal from states beyond Oaxaca, or simply stick to the classic Oaxacan tipples – Bósforo has a little bit of everything.



You might be wondering what museum on earth makes for a great place to try mezcal and the answer would be none other than the Museo del Tequila y el Mezcal (MUTEM). Take a tour and learn about the process of mezcal production and distribution before popping to the adjoining cantina, known as La Cantina del Museo, to try exquisite mezcals and tequila.

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