The Top 10 Places to Try Mexican Craft Beer in Mexico City

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As with most cities around the world, the trendy craft beer sensation has taken hold in Mexico City too. With plenty of microbreweries, craft ale beer gardens, and big name artisanal beer companies getting in on the act in recent years, we’ve put together a list of the best places to try out some of this artisanal ale yourself.

1. Biergarten Roma

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Biergarten Roma and their famous foosball tables
Courtesy of Biergarten Roma

As the name implies, Biergarten Roma is all about the beer and they specialize in Mexican concoctions served up alongside a mouth-watering array of German and international-inspired dishes. Situated in the exquisitely put together Mercado Roma, this terrace top bar is effortlessly cool (it regularly hosts foosball table tournaments) and serves a mixture of beer from the tap and bottled options. Alongside Mexican craft giants like Tempus and María Bonita, you can also find German and Lithuanian beers.

2. La Graciela

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La Graciela
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If you like the idea of Biergarten, but would prefer somewhere that solely dedicates itself to Mexican brews then La Graciela might be a better option. This microbrewery-cum-bar features a small workshop where you can watch them brew up some of the beers that they then go on to sell in the bar. For the true beer aficionado, this is surely an unmissable spot if you want to try out craft beer in Mexico, as many of the beers are totally unique to La Graciela.

3. La Belga

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A tiny locale located in La Roma, La Belga (which means The Belgian) has a crazy amount of craft ales for your drinking pleasure—over 200 in fact! As well as the staple Mexican options, they also have numerous imported brews from across Europe, the Americas, and even Japan. While they’re not a bar like the aforementioned options, this is the perfect store to pass by if you want to stock up on beers and ales from around the world to enjoy at home.

4. El Depósito Roma

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El depósito, Alvaro Obregón
Beer/ ©Pixabay

El Depósitos can be found all across Mexico City, so we’re sure you’ll to be able to hunt one down if you’re craving some craft ale. However, we think one of the better El Depósito branches is situated in Roma. Originating as a Cervecería Minerva (one of the most well-known artisanal beer brands in Mexico) project, El Depósito has grown into a concept in its own right and continues to spread the craft beer movement across the country. Try any one of the 100+ options, although beware that the prices are pretty steep.

5. Fiebre de Malta

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The self-proclaimed Beer Mecca, Fiebre de Malta is all about the immersive beer experience, offering up a range of options to complement whichever of their ales—be they from the tap or bottled—that you choose. Their menu is almost ridiculously detailed in its description of each beer, the likes of which include Escollo’s brews, all types of stout and bitter, through to global craft options. If you want to learn more about craft ale, or get a true education in the art of beer then this is the place to be.

6. Crisanta

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Courtesy of Crisanta
Restaurant-cum-brewery, Crisanta is an excellent one-stop shop if you want dinner and craft ale all under one roof; they pride themselves on offering some lesser spotted options. However, perhaps the coolest thing about this brewery in the Tabacalera region of Mexico City (aside from their sleek white beer bottles, great view, and recycled furniture) is the story behind its name—allegedly based on a woman in love with Mexico who’d tell stories to her cats. It has nothing to do with beer, but it’s intriguing nonetheless.

7. Hoppy House

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The Mexican take on a craft ale focused pub, Hoppy House, may have a pun-tastic name but the selection of beers is nothing to laugh about. Their various beers by the barrel (of which there are 30) are constantly in flux, meaning there’s something new for every visit, and they’re all worthy of a taste. Laid back, casual, and with a staff well-versed in anything and everything beer related, Hoppy House makes for an ideal, if slightly pricey, artisanal beer experience.

8. El Trappist

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Finally, we round off our guide with El Trappist, a bar in the trendy Condesa district that may be small, but is a craft beer force to be reckoned with in the Mexican capital. Of course, as with the rest of the spots in this article, they have a wide selection of beers from the Belgian to the Mexican and back again, alongside the beer specialty of the house—La Trappe. Take advantage of the promotions where possible and enjoy the atmosphere in this small slice of Mexico City craft beer heaven

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