5 Things To Do in Centro Histórico, Guadalajara

Lauren Cocking

The historic center of Guadalajara is one of the city’s most concentrated areas of historical, architecturally impressive landmarks and definitely not one to be missed on any visit to the state of Jalisco. Once you’ve visited Tequila and bought pottery in Tlaquepaque, a visit to the historic center is the perfect way to replenish your energy by admiring the buildings and enjoying some lunch, before finishing the day with a visit to a bar.

Guadalajara Cathedral from Plaza de Armas

Historic Buildings

The historic center of Guadalajara is replete with historic buildings, including the spectacular double-spired cathedral that dominates the skyline and is a must see when you visit this wonderful city. However, the center also boasts several more buildings that are worth a visit, including the neoclassical Teatro Degollado, a spectacular building that regularly hosts ballets and the Jalisco Philharmonic Orchestra. Tickets can be purchased online. Another one to watch out for is the highly recommended World Heritage Site, Instituto Cultural Cabañas which features several frescos by Orozco and a neoclassical design. Other excellent buildings to take a look at are the Palacio de Gobierno, on the edge of Plaza de Armas, and the Templo de Santa Teresa de Jesus. Teatro Degollado, Guadalajara, Mexico, +52 33 3030 9770 Instituto Cultural Cabañas, Guadalajara, Mexico, +52 33 3942 1200 Guadalajara Cathedral, Guadalajara, Mexico, +52 33 3613 7168

Rotonda de Los Jaliscienses Ilustres

The Four Plazas

After admiring the architectural beauty of the historic center, don’t forget to appreciate the distinct atmospheres of the four main plazas on which they are located. La Rotonda de Los Jaliscienses Ilustres features busts of important figures from the state, so history buffs will love it. The tranquility and grassy spaces also make it ideal to relax and read a book, or admire the bafflingly high volume of cats that always seem to be wandering around. Plaza Guadalajara affords great views of the Cathedral but is usually busy and heavily populated by street vendors. Plaza de Armas has gorgeous wrought iron benches dotted around an impressive central bandstand. Finally, Plaza de la Liberación is perfect for strolling up and down, admiring the fountain, and maybe purchasing a rucksack or scarf from the makeshift stalls that line the central walkway.

San Juan de Dios


Avenida Chapultepec tends to take all the credit for the fantastic Guadalajara night life however, the historic center also boasts some excellent bars of its own, where you can enjoy a few beers or dance to your heart’s content. Those wanting a more traditional Mexican drinking experience should stop by La Mutualista, a cantina (Mexican pub) that is open Tue-Sat from 1pm onward. Order a drink and enjoy the free botanas. If you want to dance, head to El Sonidero, where cumbia rules the waves. A friendly local will surely be on hand to teach you. Finally, those wanting to try the traditional Mexican spirits should go to Chupitería La Favorita, a bar with awesome music and a wide range of shots. El Sonidero, Calle 8 de Julio 162, Guadalajara, Mexico Thu-Sat 9pm-3am Chupitería La Favorita, Morelos 666, Guadalajara, Mexico, +52 33 3658 6057 Tue-Wed 7pm-2am, Thu-Sat 9pm-3am La Mutualista, Madero 553, Guadalajara, Mexico, +52 33 1338 2423 Tue-Thu 1pm-1am, Fri-Sat 1pm-3am By Lauren Cocking

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