11 Things You’ll Only Find in Canada

A sugar maple farm in Canada | © Michel Rathwell / Flickr
A sugar maple farm in Canada | © Michel Rathwell / Flickr
Photo of Kate Horodyski
25 December 2017

Looking for something unique on your next trip to Canada? We’ve got a list of some of the things you won’t find anywhere else!

Cows Ice Cream (and T-Shirts)

Cows Creamery, a Prince Edward Island-based ice cream company, has been hailed as one of the best ice creams in the world. You’ll find locations across PEI as well as in Nova Scotia, Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia. Almost as popular are their Cows T-shirts, which feature pop culture puns (think “Cow Wars,” “Angry Herds,” and “Moo Tube”).

Cows Ice Cream | © Tourism PEI / Stephen Harris

Bagged Milk

While carton milk is available in Canada, don’t be surprised if you also see bags of milk! To use it, you just cut the corner off the bag and place the bag into a plastic jug.

Anne of Green Gables Items

The story of Anne of Green Gables has touched the hearts of people worldwide and is an international favorite. Every year, thousands of tourists flock to Prince Edward Island to visit the home of the fictional character. You’ll find plenty of Anne items on the island, including the book’s famous Raspberry Cordial and her classic straw hat.

Anne of Green Gables | © Tourism PEI/John Sylvester

East Coast Lifestyle Clothing

East Coast Lifestyle is a clothing company started by a university student and celebrates Eastern Canada’s laid-back lifestyle. The brand quickly exploded in popularity and is rapidly expanding across the country.

Bachelor Canada

While not nearly as popular as the American version, Canadians have their own televised quest for love! The Canadian Bachelor and Bachelorette franchise is only aired in Canada.

Loonies and Toonies

No, these aren’t the names of cartoon characters—they’re actually nicknames for one- and two-dollar coins. The dollar has a loon engraved on it, hence “loonie,” so when the two-dollar coin came along, it was nicknamed “toonie.”

Canadian Coins | © Michel Curi / Flickr

Garage Clothing

This clothing store is popular amongst teens and tweens and is a Canadian version similar to that of Wet Seal and Forever 21. Prices are cheap, so your “loonie” goes a long way here!

Peary Caribou

You’ll have to travel to the Far North to see these sweet little animals. They’re the smallest of all caribou subspecies and are found in the Arctic islands of the Northwest Territories.

Peary Caribou | © L. David Mech / WikiCommons

The Bay Blanket

The Hudson’s Bay Company is a Canadian department store founded in 1670. They carry many brand names, including Topshop, Karl Lagerfeld, and Hugo Boss, but they also sell their own Hudson’s Bay Brand. Perhaps their most popular item, the Bay Blanket is practically iconic in Canada and a must-purchase on your next visit.

Maple Syrup Farms

Did you know that 75% of the world’s maple syrup comes from Quebec? Visiting a maple syrup farm is a fun way to experience a (delicious) part of Canadian culture!

Maple Syrup Farm | © Sucrerie de la Montagne / CTC

CBC Radio

Canada’s publicly funded radio station is similar to the United States’ NPR and features tons of entertaining shows. Check out CBC Radio One for news and shows and CBC Radio Two for music.

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