The 10 Best Chocolate Shops In Toronto

Photo of Katherine Palumbo
9 February 2017

Chocolate has long been synonymous with love and pleasure, and Canada’s coolest city isn’t immune to a little sweetness in its daily life. We list 10 of the best places to find a top chocolate fix when you’re in Toronto.

“XOXO” Chocolates | Courtesy of MoRoCo Chocolat

MoRoCo Chocolat

Based in the trendy Yorkville area, MoRoCo Chocolat is a sophisticated boutique with an extensive list of sweets, as well as a full menu if you’re interested in a meal as well. With over 15 unique truffle flavours, beautifully crafted macarons, and playful desserts, there is really something for everyone.

MoRoCo Chocolate, 99 Yorkville Ave, Toronto, ON, Canada, + 1 416 961 2202

Courtesy of ChocoSol Traders

Courtesy of ChocoSol Traders

Chocosol Traders

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Painted truffles at The Golden Apple Confectionery
Painted truffles at The Golden Apple Confectionery | Courtesy of The Golden Apple Confectionery
Chocosol Traders is a hot spot for foodies who want to learn while they eat, as they offer frequent chocolate making workshops. In addition to the popular events hosted at their location on St. Clair W, their shop offers artisanal chocolate that is made in Toronto and sourced directly from farmers. They also offer treats that are free of gluten, soy, dairy, and are vegan.

The Golden Apple Confectionery

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Box of truffles
Box of truffles | Courtesy of The Chocolateria
The Golden Apple Confectionery is tucked away in the hip Liberty Village neighborhood and is a small, home grown business that specializes in gourmet candy apples and a variety of chocolates, candies, and confections. Everything is made in-house using fair trade Swiss Chocolate and only the finest ingredients. The shop also has an array of vegan and gluten free options, but what really stand out are the Jackson Pollock-like painted truffles that look too beautiful to eat.

The Chocolateria

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Chocolate Heart
Chocolate Heart | Courtesy of Soma Chocolatemaker
The Chocolateria is a one-stop shop for anyone with a sweet tooth, as their small location hosts a variety of options from ice cream (burnt caramel is a favourite) to biscotti and candy apples. The shop also hosts chocolate tasting events, many of which are paired with wine throughout the year, and feature holiday themed treats for special occasions.

SOMA Chocolatemaker

SOMA Chocolates has made a huge impression on the chocolate lovers of Toronto with fan favorites such as the decadent hot chocolate shot glass, their extensive collection of 26 truffles, and rotating flavors. SOMA also offers a great selection of cookies, barks, spreads, candied nuts and gifts baskets.

SOMA Chocolatemaker, 443 King Street West, Toronto, ON, Canada, + 1 416 599 7662

SOMA Chocolatemaker, 32 Tank House Ln, Toronto, ON, Canada, + 1 416 815 7662

Ambiance Chocolat

At Ambiance Chocolat you can navigate through their extensive chocolate collection and choose precisely what flavor is right for you. Every chocolate is handcrafted on the premises using original recipes, and for ultimate freshness, Ambiance limits production to small batches, and uses only local and fair-trade ingredients.

Ambiance Chocolat, 683 Mt. Pleasant Rd, Toronto, ON, Canada, + 1 416 406 2462

Solid White Belgian Chocolate Venus de Milo | Chocolate by Wickerhead

Solid White Belgian Chocolate Venus de Milo | Chocolate by Wickerhead

Chocolate by Wickerhead

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Valentines Bonbons
Valentines Bonbons | Courtesy of Nadège
Chocolate by Wickerhead is a small, inviting shop located in The Beaches, where you can find playfully handcrafted goodies such as the popular solid Belgian chocolate Buddha and an assortment of chocolate popcorn and pretzels to satisfy sweet and salty cravings. The shop also specializes in unique truffle creations and beautiful gift baskets for every occasion.


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Nadège has become the go-to for Toronto dessert lovers, and for good reason. Nadège selects the highest quality chocolate from around the world to create sophisticated artisan chocolate products. From luxurious cake creations to French pastries, Nadège has something for everyone. The shop also offers colorful ‘chocolate tablets’ that each contain a different letter of the alphabet, which are great for personalized gifts.

Maisonette: Laura Slack Chocolates

Distillery, Shop
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Chocolate dipped baklava;
Chocolate dipped baklava; | Courtesy of Meli Baklava & Chocolate Bar
Laura Slack chocolates have become a coveted item of the Distillery District’s Maisonette. Beautifully packaged chocolate bars are individually hand painted, and many are finished in luxurious metallic dustings. For Valentine’s Day, bring new meaning to ‘’till death do us part’ by purchasing the handmade dolce de leche skulls and the ‘Chaucer’s heart;’ pink lemonade tea infused ganache in dark chocolate.