How to Plan a Trip to the Scenic Hajar Mountains Near Dubai

Hajar Mountains
Hajar Mountains | © Chris Price/Flickr
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For anyone who loves being outdoors and exploring, the Hajar Mountains make the ideal destination. Located a short day trip from Dubai, this splendid mountain range is the highest in the Arabian Peninsula. Occupying parts of the east of the United Arab Emirates, as well as the north east of Oman, this the ideal place for those who are looking for a breath of fresh air and to challenge themselves. The views here are breathtaking – this trip must be done at least once in a lifetime.

Be prepared

The Hajar Mountains are located only a few hours drive from Dubai, but this is definitely a trip which travelers must prepare for. First, it’s important to have all documents in check. Although the Hajar Mountains occupy part of the UAE, most of its territory is located in Oman. So for those looking into visiting the Oman parts of the mountains, it’s important to check on visa regulations for the country, as well as make sure all passport requirements are fulfilled.

Additionally, during the trip to the Hajar Mountains, people will find themselves away from most of the population, so it’s important to pack well. Although there are a few villages nearby, it’s unlikely that hikers will be able to purchase food or water, so they must bring all of that along, as well as any camping equipment, should they wish to camp out in the beautiful mountain range.

Hajar Mountains

Camping safely

Visitors are free to camp anywhere other than the cultivated areas, so this is the perfect trip to burst out the camping gear. It’s important to note that the mountain range gets extremely cold, with the temperature dropping to below 0 degrees Celsius during winter, and even getting chilly during the traditionally hot summers of the region. So it’s important to bring coats and blankets, as well as all other necessary camping gear for cooking and sleeping.

It must be noted that travelers should avoid camping in the various wadis of the region, looking for higher spots to set up camp. This is because the wadis quite often flood unexpectedly, and this may cause danger to unprepared campers.

Hajar Mountains

What to do

There’s no shortage of things to do during a stay in the Hajar Mountains. The main attraction is of course trekking. People can trek through the mountains and take in the incredible sights. This is complemented by rock climbing, which is very popular in the mountain range. It’s crucial for those who wish to rock climb to have experience and bring adequate equipment in order to avoid accidents.

The Hajar Mountains are also full of historical spots, such as the archaeological sites of Bat, Al-Khutm and Al-Ayn. These ruins will thrill any history lovers and help people better understand the simplicity of a time long before skyscrapers and luxurious hotels.

Hajar Mountains

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