10 Things To See And Do In Ramallah, West Bank

Photo of Mary-Anne Farah
9 February 2017

With an incredible wealth of culture and heritage, Ramallah is the ideal place to visit for tourists looking to experience the Palestinian territories first hand. We list the essential things to see and do in this beautiful city.

Ramallah Wall | © W. Hagens/WikiCommons

Green Olive Tours of Ramallah

This tour of Ramallah and other towns in the West Bank is informative, interesting and inspiring. On this tour, you will learn about the Palestinian perspective, as well as the situation of the local Palestinians in the area.

Old Palestine | © И. П. Ювачёв/WikiCommons

Dar Zahran Heritage Building

The Dar Zahran has an art gallery, a souvenir shop and a photo gallery of Ramallah; the photo gallery shows images of Ramallah between the years 1850 and 1979, displaying the growth of the city.

Taybeh Beer | © WikiCommons

Taybeh Brewery

The Taybeh Brewery Company produces the best Palestinian beer available in the Middle East and is one of the most popular beers in Israel and the West Bank combined. This family owned business was established in 1994 and continues to thrive. Visit the brewery to observe the brewing process and taste some yourself.

Climbing | © gego2605/WikiCommons

Wadi Climbing

Explore the beautiful landscape of the West Bank with Wadi climbing tours and clamber up cliff faces with a professional instructor. Wadi Climbing also has plans to build the first indoor rock climbing and fitness gym in Palestine.

Wine | © Dave Dugdale/Flickr

Taybeh Winery

There is no better place for wine lovers to visit in Ramallah than the Taybeh Winery. Taybeh Winery is the only luxury boutique winery in Palestine, and offers tours and tastings.

Pattern | © WikiCommons

Noora Heritage House

For those of you who are hankering to buy some authentic Palestinian pieces to take home with you, the Noora Heritage house should be your first stop. They feature beautiful and elegant pieces including bags, jewelry and clothes. Most are patterned with intricate Palestinian designs.

Arafat’s Tomb

When in Ramallah, visiting the tomb of Yasser Arafat is an absolute must. The cultural and historical value of this site is immeasurable, and the facts about the tomb are fascinating.

Old City

The Old City of Ramallah is a compelling sight with its Ottoman-era buildings. The Old City includes ruins of the ancient watchtower and the Ottoman court. This area of the city will give you an authentic taste of Palestinian life.

Old City, Ramallah, West Bank

Mahmoud Darwish | © Beshr Abdulhadi/Flickr

Mahmoud Darwish Museum

The Mahmoud Darwish museum is devoted to the poetry and works of Mahmoud Darwish and aims to promote Darwish’s national values by bringing his creative works to the public. His thoughts and values remain profoundly influential, and his beautifully poetic way of expressing these thoughts are moving.

Dancing | © Pexels

Cubes Pub

This club is one of the best nightlife spots in the area. Despite Ramallah’s wealth of culture, heritage, and history, you will find that it also provides ample opportunity to relax, and simply dance the night away.