How to Plan the Perfect Wild Camping Trip in Oman

Camp in Oman Desert | © Peterichman / Flickr
Camp in Oman Desert | © Peterichman / Flickr
Photo of Gehad Medhat
9 October 2017

Oman is a unique land that is known for its magnificent mountains, stunning wadis, crystal turquoise waters, and white and golden sands. For the beauty surrounding every corner of its land, Oman is the perfect natural escape for all adventure-seekers. So, for all camping lovers, here is how to plan the perfect wild camping trip in Oman to enjoy every bit of its beauty.

First of all, it is important to know that wild camping in Oman is legal, and adventurers can camp almost anywhere in Oman. That include its charming beaches, rocky mountains and sandy deserts. Secondly, Oman is a very safe country; locals are always welcoming, helpful and chatty, and they also respect campers’ privacy. Also, wild animals don’t tend to approach campsites, except for goats, which might pay you a visit and explore your bags and belongings.

Camping Wahiba Desert By: Prasad Pillai | Flickr

Where to go?

Planning for the perfect wild-camping trip should start by choosing the best places for camping. To camp in mountains, Jebel Al Akhdar mountain (the Green Mountain) and Jebel Shams (Mountain of Sun) are the most recommended spots in Oman. If you are seeking beautiful nights on beaches, then Ras Al Hadd in eastern Oman, Salalah in southern Oman, Mughsail beach in the Dhofar region and Masirah Island are where you can find your dream camping trip. As for a peaceful camp among the sand dunes, the Wahiba Sands in Al Sharqiya Region and Rub’ Al Khali, the biggest, continuous sand desert in the world, are the most-known deserts for camping in Oman.

Bedouin Camping Site By: S9-4pr | Flickr

Where not to camp

Campers must be careful not to camp in natural reserves, especially the green turtles reserve in Ras Al Jinz. That also include sthe beaches that are frequented by the turtles, because camping fires can scare them away. Wadis are beautiful camping spots too, but they can be dangerous during rainy days as they get filled with water very quickly. Be aware of those facts and Oman is an ideal country for campers and nature-lovers.

Omani Mountain Camp By: Tristan Schmurr | Flickr

What you will need

Once you’ve decided where you want to pitch your tent, you’ll need to find equipment and tools. Wood for fire can be found almost in every camping location. However, for larger firewood, campers can buy big stacks from nearby villages. It is recommended to bring mattresses for those who plan to camp in the mountains because of the rocky, uneven surfaces. Most camping equipment can be bought from big malls around Oman, such as Carrefour and LuLu hypermarket. There are also several companies that rent equipment or organize special camping trips where they will provide their own equipment. Campers must also make sure to bring light and comfortable clothes for the morning, as it gets hot and humid in Oman, especially in the deserts. And at night, be sure to wear lots of layers, plus a hat and gloves to protect you from the cold temperatures at night.

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Omani Beach By: AdRikTa | Flickr