Best Breakfast & Brunch Spots in Muscat

A seating area at Nana's restaurant & cafe, Muscat | © Nana's Resturant Muscat
A seating area at Nana's restaurant & cafe, Muscat | © Nana's Resturant Muscat
Photo of Sharifa Al Badi
13 March 2017

Muscat is a wonderful place to visit, with its stunning scenery, upscale shopping and fascinating history. Here are our top spots for breakfast and brunch in this intriguing city.


Restaurant, Vegetarian, $$$
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Traditional Omani Breakfast at Nana's
Traditional Omani Breakfast at Nana's | © Nana's Resturant Muscat

A family project Nana’s is a gorgeous foodie destination that is worth the stop over. It’s fashionable, chic and comfortably homey with stunning sea views and outdoor seating. The cuisine is international with a Omani twist; perfect for an outdoor traditional style breakfast. Breakfast menu items include an eggy-cado which consists of poached egg, avocado on freshly baked sourdough toast with a touch of chilli and lime; Nana’s signature french toast, a brioche toast with star anise, cardamon, orange flower yoghurt and mixed berries and a choice of a traditional English, Omani or Arabic breakfast. Sea view breakfast? Yes please.

Copper Restaurant

Cafe, Restaurant, Juice Bar, Australian, $$$
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French toast at Copper restaurant with caramelised bacon & banana with toffee sauce
French toast at Copper restaurant with caramelised bacon & banana with toffee sauce | © Copper Restaurant Muscat

Effortlessly cool, clean, cute and all around delectable, this hip find is a must visit when you are in town. The menu is beyond words – simple, artisan and just the right amount of jazz. As for the breakfast, where to start? There is a Omani Shakshouka served with sourdough bread, waffles and fried chicken served with a toffee sauce and more, also a great selection of fresh home made iced teas, great coffee and fresh juices.

Habboh Café

Bakery, Cafe, Restaurant, Contemporary
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Habboh actually means grandmother in Omani slang and the founder of the Café loved his grandmother’s bread so much he could not resist naming this place for her. The traditional Omani style café serves a special Omani flatbread called Al Mardhoof made using date syrup and clarified butter, ghee. Habboh Café is sweet, comforting and serves the bread alongside tasty treats such as cream cheese, chocolate spreads, honey and jam. There is also a traditional Omani breakfast including Balaleet a dish consisting of vermicelli noodles cooked in sugar. Although the food could described as traditional, the décor incorporates contemporary design.

S&H Chocolate Lounge- Shati Al Qurum

Bakery, Cafe, Restaurant, Contemporary, Fusion, $$$
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Red Velvet Pancake topped with warm chocolate syrup
Red Velvet Pancake topped with warm chocolate syrup | © S&H Chocolate Lounge Muscat

The brain child of two Omani friends Salman & Hamza this joint started off as a simple chocolatier and has now expanded into a restaurant serving full course dining as well as the yummy chocolates, desserts and homemade beverages. Well known for their scrumptious, chocolate-y deserts S&H Chocolate lounge is gaining popularity among those who love to breakfast. Their waffles already a hit, they now also serve a popular Omani breakfast selection, including freshly baked goods. Great chocolate and food under one roof.

The Crafty Kitchen

Bakery, Cafe, Restaurant, Contemporary, Fusion, Tea
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Cute, chic and cozy the Crafty Kitchen not only does breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner but also offers cookery classes and courses. Their breakfast menu is simple, Parisian and modern. Menu items include granola topped with organic Omani honey, french toast made using freshly baked challah bread and a Crafty Kitchen breakfast that includes spiced beef sausage, herb roasted vine tomato and artisian toast. Oh did we mention breakfast is served all day?

Darcy’s Kitchen

Restaurant, British
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Deliciously British and considered one of Muscat’s oldest and finest eating establishments. Great family ambiance, cutesy décor and a menu of diverse Western style dishes that are far from plain, Darcy’s Kitchen is one of those places that will always bring a smile to your face. They have quick service, outdoor seating and home made iced tea, plus a selection of fresh juices.

Bait Al Dalaleel @ Bait Al Zubair

Cafe, Fusion, Middle Eastern
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This special café is actually located in the cultural hot spot Bait Al Zubair, also a museum. What makes Bait Al Dalaleel unique is its traditional Omani architecture making it a must see when in town. It has been sensitively restored and renovated, encouraging you to step back in time and experience how Omanis lived over 100 years ago. There is also a gallery space where you can enjoy art works, in historical surroundings, whilst enjoying delicious treats, a light breakfast and Omani coffee.