The 10 Things You Need To Do In Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv Port
Tel Aviv Port | Courtesy of israelphotogallery/flickr
Andie Himmelrich

Whether you are visiting Tel Aviv or have lived there forever, sometimes it is pleasant to venture off the beaten track. But no matter who you are and what your story is, there are 10 things that everyone should experience while in Tel Aviv.

Paddle Board On The Sea

You can go paddle boarding on the sea all year round. It doesn’t matter if you’re an all-time pro or a first timer, just grab a board and hit the water. There may not be any waves, but it is still fun, and you will get to see the city from a brand new perspective. If you’re feeling up for it, strike a yoga pose on the board like a true Tel Avivian would do.

Paddle Boarding

Late Night Japanika

If you find yourself visiting the bustling Rothschild Boulevard’s many bars at night, wander down to the Japanika kiosk for a late night sushi roll. There are not many places that will serve you sushi until 4am but this sushi kiosk will. Right on the corner of Allenby and Rothschild, it is a great late night snack.

Allenby Dress Fashion Show

It is impossible to walk down Allenby and not want to try on one of the gowns in the 20 different gown stores. Whether you actually have a wedding or high school prom to attend or just want to take some pictures in magnificent floor length sparkly dresses, you must try on at least one Allenby gown.

Bird’s-eye view of Tel Aviv

Sunrise To Sunset

Of course, a must do is to sit on the beach and watch the sun set over the sea. Getting up early for the sunrise or grabbing a picnic just in time to watch the sunset will allow you a true moment of tranquility in this busy city. Watch the city light up as the sun comes out for the day with your toes in the sand.

Courtesy of Inna Elkin

Become A Cofix Regular

All you need is a few days here to realize that Cofix is your best friend. This place provides five shekel coffee at your fingertips. Hot, cold or with a side of a cofix toothbrush, Cofix has everything you need in the morning. You are not a true Tel Avivian until your neighborhood cofix man knows your order.

Cofix Tel Aviv

Try Every Shakshuka

Shakshuka is the Israeli dish that can be eaten at any time of the day. The tomato sauce with poached eggs is a classic meal for your Israeli breakfast, lunch, dinner or late night snack. It’s a Tel Aviv favorite, so why not try them all and decide for yourself which one you like best. Try Shukshuka, located in Shuk HaCarmel, and the Tel Aviv chain The Streets, or go fancy and try a green shakshuka.

Full Shakshuka Breakfast Courtesy of The Rothschild Hotel/Instagram

Run From Jaffa To The Tel Aviv Port

Whether you are a runner or not, this beachside run will give you a runners high. Start form the Jaffa dock where you can look out and see the city of Tel Aviv ahead. Run along the promenade passing people out on walks, children and dog walkers. It is possible to run along the beach until you reach the busy Tel Aviv port. Once you get there why not stop and look down at Jaffa and see how far you’ve come.

Tel Aviv From Jaffa

Bike To Hayarkon Park

Pick a day to rent the Tel Aviv bike share, Tel-O-Fun, and go North to Hayarkon Park. Bike along the river, even hop off and take a paddle down. Enjoy the park with a picnic or a book in hand. This beautiful tranquil park is Tel Aviv’s answer to New York’s Central Park. Perfect for a relaxing getaway, an adventure with friends or a romantic date spot.

Visit For Yom Kippur

For a unique once in a life time experience, you must be in Tel Aviv on Yom Kippur. While it is a law not to drive on this holiday, take the day to walk, bike or skate down the empty highways. No law can keep this non-stop city from being active for a day.

Tel Aviv Ayalon

Western Wall For Selichot

If you are here for Yom Kippur, go to Jerusalem’s Western Wall for the Jewish holiday Selichot. Compared to the empty Yom Kippur Tel Aviv streets, thousands of people surround the Western Wall on Selichot and pray together. Never will you see the wall with so many people together.

Western Wall

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