The Best Shakshuka In Tel Aviv, Israel

Shakshuka in Jerusalem
Shakshuka in Jerusalem | © Tal Sivan-Ziporin / Culture Trip
Deborah Moher

shakshuka is an extremely popular dish in Israel and the Middle East. Many Tel Aviv restaurant offer this staple dish on their menus but we have chosen the top shakshukas in the city.


This brand new shakshuka-concept restaurant, Shakshukia is the food spot to try if you are looking for plenty of choice. Choose from hundreds of different shakshuka options including Turkey Shwarma shakshuka. There are also five levels of spiciness so watch out if you can’t stand that spicy kick. This is the restaurant dedicated to shakshuka so if you want to investigate the world of shakshuka this is the perfect restaurant to do so.


It would be hard to chose only one food item on the menu at Bucke since there are a great deal of delicious options to chose from, including the very Israeli dish shakshuka. Bucke uses only fresh fruit and vegetables and you taste it in the food. The menu is very vegan focused and their vegan shakshuka is a delicious option for even non-vegan eaters for a healthy and filling lunch or dinner.

Rothschild Hotel

The Rothschild Hotel, a downtown boutique set against the backdrop of the iconic Rothschild Boulevard, has an impressive restaurant hiding away inside. The restaurant serves breakfast daily from 7am to 12pm with many different delicious traditional egg dishes including shakshuka. There are two shakshuka options: red and green shakshuka. The latter is two eggs fried in spinach cream with onions, herbs, fresh spinach, and nigella seeds served with yogurt and two types of breads. The green shakshuka is sensational and a real must-try.

Cafe Sonya

A popular haunt in central Tel Aviv, just off King George is the quietly hidden away Cafe Sonya. The cafe is known for its large outdoor space and for its small gallery. Sonya’s dishes feel more original than other cafes in Tel Aviv and the menu is filled with colorful and interesting dishes. Of course, shakshuka is on the menu. Cafe Sonya also has a great atmosphere and vibe and is great for vegetarians.


Hasaluf is a Teimani bakery located at the entrance to the colorful market in Shuk HaTikvah. It is named for one of its most popular baked goods the Saluf (traditional Yemenite flatbread). The bakery has been around for more 100 years and its dishes have the same traditional taste. In addition to the delicious baked goods, Hasuluf also offers shakshuka in its traditional form. In addition to the traditional option they also offer hamshuka a sort of shakshuka and humus combination with a drizzle of olive oil. There are also other Yemenite toppings that can be added for an extra kick. Experience shakshuka in this very traditional Middle Eastern family bakery.

Shlomo and Doron

This is one of the most popular restaurants in the Yemenite quarter in Tel Aviv. Shlomo opened the restaurant and was later joined by Shlomo’s son Doron. This secret gem is a real neighborhood joint and Doron, the third generation of this culinary tradition, is the living spirit of the place. Doron is responsible for upgrading the visual aspect of the location; however the food is still prepared exactly as it was when it was opened in 1937. Of course you would go to Shlomo and Doron Hummus for their genuine and hearty hummus but be sure to try their shakshuka dish which is both traditional and delicious.

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