11 Crazy Things To Do in Iran Before You're 30

Kariz-e-Kish | © Blondinrikard Fröberg/flickr
Kariz-e-Kish | © Blondinrikard Fröberg/flickr
From the curious natural wonders of Lake Maharloo to the ancient Zoroastrian towers of silence, there are many crazy places to visit in Iran. If you’re the adventurous type then this spectacularly diverse and culturally rich country should be next on your list of places to head. If you need further inspiration then here are our recommendations for the crazy things to knock off your list before you turn 30.

Visit the world’s largest salt caves

Located on the island of Qeshm is the world’s largest salt cave housing fragile salt sculptures, salt rivers and huge salt megadomes!

Salt Caves © Ninara/flickr

The Zoroastrian towers of silence

In the ancient religion of Zoroastrianism, once somebody passes away there is a fear the body will be contaminated by demons. For this reason, Zoroastrians purified the dead body by exposing it to the elements and birds of prey on top of towers in the desert called dachas.

Zoroastrian Tower of Silence © Fulvio Spada/flickr

Shah Cherag

The Mosque on the site, also known as ‘The Emerald Mosque’ may look like any other from the outside but will take your breath away when you step inside and see thousands of glittering shards of mirror embedded into the ceilings.

Shah Cherag © gωen/flickr

Troglodyte village of Kandovan

Residents of this remote village in northwestern Iran live in modern-day caves, in structures which from the outside look like a series of beehives. It is thought that the village is 700-years-old and was built to escape the Mongol invasion.

Kandovan © Andrea Taroni/flickr


A beautiful work of Persian architectural history, Kariz-e-Kish is a hydraulic system in an ancient underground city.

Kariz-e-Kish © Blondinrikard Fröberg/flickr

Lake Maharloo

Known in Persian as ‘Daryache-e-Namak’, Lake Maharloo is a seasonal salt lake near Shiraz. The best time to visit is in mid-summer, when due to high evaporation rates and salt concentrations, the lake turns a magical pink colour.

Maharloo Lake is also dubbed the "Pink Lake" © Mohammadreza Farhadi Aref / Wikimedia Commons

Climb Mount Damavand

It will take you a total of four days to reach the summit of the country’s highest mountain and 5,671-metre volcano.

Mount Damavand, the symbol of Iran © Ninara / Flickr

Trek Through Iran’s Central Desert

Take a short trip through the Iranian Desert “Dasht-e Kavir” on the classic route between Esfahan and Yazd.

Dasht-e-Kavir © Jeanne Menjoulet/flickr

Bike from Almut to the Caspian

This will be a memorable trip due to the extraordinary landscapes and variety of terrain. Brace yourself to cross paths with history and encounter myths and legends only in your wildest imaginations.

The Caspian Sea © Dan Nevill/flickr

Witness the Colours Change in the Pink Mosque

Head to the Nasr-al-Molk Mosque early in the morning and stay for a few hours to catch an aurora of colours that gain a life of their own as the sunlight moves through the stained glass windows.

Nasr ol Molk © dynamosquito/flickr

Watch a Zurkhaneh performance

Zurkhaneh is a form of traditional martial arts in Iran, where men practise body-building exercises in a ring.

Zurkhane performance © César González Palomo/flickr