16 Wonderful Welsh Sayings To Live By

Welsh mountains
Welsh mountains | ©Les Haines/Flickr
Nicholas Witts

The Welsh language is a thing of wonder, and amidst all the awkward pronunciations and incredibly long words, there are a number of wonderful sayings that everyone ought to live by. Here is your guide to the beautiful Welsh language.

Cartref yw cartref, er tloted y bo

Meaning: A beautiful Welsh saying that translates as ‘home is home, not matter how poor it is’

Approximate pronunciation: Car-trev ew car-trev err tloted uh bore

Welsh cottage

Adar o’r un lliw ehedant i’r un lle

Meaning: Similar to the saying ‘birds of a feather flock together’, it means ‘birds of the same colour fly to the same place’

Approximate pronunciation: Ah-dar ore een lliw eh-head-ant eer een lle

Adfyd a ddwg wybodaeth, a gwybodaeth ddoethineb

Meaning: ‘Adversity brings knowledge and knowledge wisdom’

Approximate pronunciation: Ad-vid ah thoog wibod-eyth ah gwibod-eyth doy-theen-eb

O geiniog i geiniog yr âr arian yn bunt

Meaning: ‘The pennies add up to become a pound’, similar to ‘look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves’

Approximate pronunciation: Oh gyne-iog ee gyne-iog urr ahr ar-yan un bint


Mewn pob daioni y mae gwobr

Meaning: There’s reward in every goodness

Approximate pronunciation: Mewn pohb dye-on-ee uh my goo-obr

Bwrw hen wragedd y ffyn

Meaning: It’s raining old wives and walking sticks

Approximate pronunciation: Boo-roo hen wrag-eth ah feen

Welsh rain

Eilfan ywmodryb dda

Meaning: A good aunt is a second mother

Approximate pronunciation: Ail-van ew-modrib th-a

Gwell bachgen call na brenin ffol

Meaning: Better a wise lad, than a foolish king

Approximate pronunciation: Gwell ba-ch-gen call na brenin foal

Cynt y cwrdd dau ddyn na dau fynydd

Meaning: Sooner will two men meet than two mountains

Approximate pronunciation: Kint err c-oor-th dai dean na dai vyn-idd

Haw dywedyd “mynydd” na myned drosto

Meaning: It is easier to say “mountain” than to climb one

Approximate pronunciation: Haw d-wed-id mun-ith na mun-ed dross-toe

Mount Snowdon

Gwr heb bwyll, llong heb angor

Meaning: A man without prudence is a ship without an anchor

Approximate pronunciation: G-oo-r heb boill, long heb ann-go-r

Dyfal donc a dyrr y garreg

Meaning: A constant knock will break the stone

Approximate pronunciation: Dove-al don-k ah dyrr er gar-reg

Stone in the welsh hills

A wyr leiag a ddwed fwyaf

Meaning: He who knows least talks most

Approximate pronunciation: Ah wee-r lie-ag ah th-wed fui-ave

A ddywedo leiaf, hwnnw yw’r callaf

Meaning: Who speaks the least, he is the wisest

Approximate pronunciation: Ah th-aw-ed-o lay-of hun-oo ew-r call-ave

Ni ddaw cif I chwegr ei bod yn wuadd

Meaning: The mother-in-law forgets that she was a daughter-in-law

Approximate pronunciation: Knee th-aww keev e chwegr a bod u-n why-ath

Rhaid cropian cyn cerdded

Meaning: You must crawl before walking

Approximate pronunciation: hride croh-pee-an kyun kair-thed

Crawl before you walk

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