These Stunning Short Films Will Make You Want to Explore Scotland

UNFAZED Explores Scotland
UNFAZED Explores Scotland | © David Guersan & Jamie Farquarshon | Courtesy Of UNFAZED
Tori Chalmers

A perfect blend of old and new, Scotland’s urban jungles accommodate all kinds, from creative minds forever on the move to the slew of city slickers enamoured with the 9 to 5 hustle and bustle. And yet, there’s another side to this bonnie land. A side riddled with age-old histories, undulating glens, secret caves and wide-open patches of untamed wilderness – spaces worth getting lost in. For many, such places appear lonely, drab or simply too ‘dreich’ to explore. But to the self-confessed soul searchers drawn to the unpredictable and the paths less travelled, Scotland boasts a paradise all of its own. And we’ve found just the videos to prove it.

UNFAZED Explores Scotland

Scotland / Be A Part Of It is a short film by UNFAZED that transports the viewer to Scotland’s wildest and most magical parts. The sequence of striking cinematic shots, in tandem with the poetic voice-over, answer that all-important question asked by adventurers and wanderers alike – what is it that drives us north? Why do people seek out wild and remote places such as Scotland over all-inclusive package holidays where the sun always shines and the margaritas appear on tap?

Scotland / Be A Part Of It

With each person comes a different set of motives for gravitating towards the world’s northern reaches. Simply put, Scotland / Be A Part Of It entices the viewer to ignite (or rekindle) that sense of adventure through an insightful journey that highlights snippets of Scottish history and rugged patches of trackless landscape. It’s astonishing to think that UNFAZED, who partnered up with Edinburgh-based Rabbie’s Tours, shot this beautiful footage with no more than their gear, a car and a perceptive eye.

Scotland stars once again in Isolation, another short film by UNFAZED that features a character on an existential quest of self-discovery. Through connecting with his unworldly Highland surroundings, the character in question ponders the topic of isolation and the flurry of accompanying fears that can arise.

The Making Of Isolation

As the film progresses, the adventurer reaches a level of acceptance so liberating it can only come from somewhere as awe-inspiring as the most remote parts of Scotland. Suddenly, the act of venturing into the wild seems less lonely, as crystal shots of sentient Scottish lochs, towering Munros and herds of wise deer come into focus. Free from social constructs and fuelled by the all-encompassing natural beauty, Isolation urges the viewer to reflect upon what actually matters.

UNFAZED returns to the Highlands with The Scottish Disciple, a seven-minute documentary that follows the story of Kevin Mackay, a resilient Scot who sought solace in martial arts after sustaining an injury from a painful work accident. Set to a Western-style score, this film engages the viewer with Kevin’s discerning observations and unaffected way of life.

UNFAZED Explores Scotland

This philosophical Scot, like many who live in Scotland’s remote parts or far removed isles, flourishes from the lack of Wi-Fi and hi-tech gadgets. Rather, he’s one who thrives upon his inherent bond with nature and the land, much like the generations before him.

UNFAZED, the creative force behind these enlightening videos, is a talented collective of filmmakers and photographers based in Paris, Seoul and London motivated by a passion for storytelling and a lust for life. Always yearning for that next cultural expedition or soulful encounter, UNFAZED travels the globe ready to capture the magic that exists within the world’s last wildernesses and the beauty found throughout the stories of the people they meet.

Unfazed Explores Scotland

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