The World’s Most Dangerous Ice Cream Is Now on Sale in Glasgow

Respiro De Diavolo Ice Cream
Respiro De Diavolo Ice Cream | © Lee Bandoni | Immense Brands | Courtesy Of The Aldwych Cafe And Ice Cream Parlor
Tori Chalmers

The weather may be baltic but things are heating up in Glasgow thanks to a family-run cafe serving up scoops of the world’s most dangerous ice cream! Not for the faint-hearted, this Valentine’s Day special edition is 500 times hotter than Tabasco sauce. Tempted? We thought so.

The ice cream in question, courtesy of the Aldwych Cafe and Ice Cream Parlor on Paisley Road West, goes by the name Respiro Del Diavolo or ‘Devil’s Breath’ – an appropriate title for what can only be described as one hell of a mouthful.

Not only that, self-confessed spice lovers have to sign a legal disclaimer, which includes the words ‘could be a risk of personal injury, illness and possible loss of life’, before the creamy concoction even touches their tongues.

Respiro Del Diavolo (Devil’s Breath) Ice Cream Disclaimer

Anyone under the age of 18 is strictly forbidden to taste this bad boy of a dessert. After all, the proof is in the pudding. Respiro Del Diavolo has an impressive 1,569,300 SHU rating, which means that it boasts the same pungency and spicy heat level as the Carolina Reaper. Yes, the main ingredient is indeed one of the world’s hottest and most notoriously spicy peppers. Servers are instructed to wear gloves for protection to prevent any negative or potentially dangerous reactions from the overpowering chilli heat.

Made from scratch, the top secret family recipe has Italian roots dating back to 1936. The story goes that every year, a group of Italian ice cream shop owners would congregate to talk business by a structure somewhere in Italy known as the Devil’s Bridge. All in the name of banter and bravery, these catch ups could, at times, lead to them daring each other to try this formidable frozen delight. And so, the Breath of the Devil was created.

Respiro Del Diavolo Ice Cream

When you take into consideration the ice cream’s dreamy crimson hues and the fact that chilli peppers are a natural aphrodisiac, it seems that the Aldwych Cafe is Glasgow’s very own cupid this Valentine’s Day. Playing with fire never seemed so fun.

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