The Best Second Hand Shops In Edinburgh For Luxury Brands

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Tori Chalmers

Edinburgh is a treasure trove that offers a tremendous array of designer shops. From Harvey Nichols to Mulberry, finding that key signature statement piece shouldn’t be an issue. However, there are ways for people in the know to venture off the map and find true gold. Those with a keen eye for luxury designer brands at a glisteningly brilliant price can consider Edinburgh a diamond in the rough. Discover the best second hand shops to find that dream luxury fashion item. Everything deserves a second chance.


Those who love their designer brands will form a healthy addiction to StockXchange. Expect to find fabulous fashion at a mere slither of the original price. Don’t think that the quality or integrity must be compromised because the items are second hand — it is quite the opposite. From Chanel and Hermes to Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Gucci, enjoy delighting in all the usual luxurious suspects. The store itself is meticulously organised and hosts everything from clothing and handbags, to accessories and of course, shoes. Speaking of shoes, it wouldn’t be surprising to spy some luscious red soles nestled amongst all the treasure.

Handbag Heaven

Step on a perfect fluffy cloud and ascend into the skies as you enter into the ‘It bag’ paradise that is Handbag Heaven. From that classic Louis Vuitton Neverfull and the iconic Chloe Padlock bag, to mountains of Mulberry, Miu Miu, Jimmy Choo, Prada, and Lanvin, expect an overwhelming amount of excellent options all screaming ‘pick me’. When inside this wonderland, shoe lovers should be cautious not to step on the handbag lovers’ toes when they witness the insane selection of shiny soles a plenty. This holy grail of a place also deserves a standing ovation for being part charity too.

Xchange Handbags

Don’t let the name deceive — Xchange Handbags is actually a purveyor of all things fancy. Expect the lot, from clothes and perfume to shoes, boots, jewelry and scarves. Walking into this fashion utopia feels like strutting into a high-end designer boutique. The only difference is the alluring price tags. Anticipate gorgeous seasonal statement pieces and one-off quirky finds. Lust after that Vivienne Westwood belt or signature Paul Smith colourful bag — you will never look back. Keep checking this couture spot for the copious amounts of luxurious finds that are forever coming in.


Shelter is the don of dynamite designer finds in Edinburgh. Head to the prosperous area of Morningside to find this jewel of a second hand shop. Don’t be surprised to come across that one-off classic Chanel suit or that prize statement Alexander McQueen accessory. These clever charitable marvels have a stellar reputation for sporting the highest quality designer goods in Edinburgh. Expect to strike fashion gold at a great price while helping make a difference for an imperative cause.

The Edinburgh Luxe Exchange

Nestled in the heart of Edinburgh’s historic city center, The Edinburgh Luxe Exchange is a haven for discerning fashion enthusiasts seeking the allure of luxury without the premium price tag. This sophisticated boutique blends the charm of vintage treasures with the allure of contemporary designer fashion, offering a carefully curated selection of pre-owned luxury items that have been lovingly curated for their timeless elegance and impeccable quality.

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