The Best Indian Restaurants In Glasgow

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Tori Chalmers

Indian food and Glasgow go hand in hand. It’s the kind of bond that can never be severed. When it comes to curry, Scotland’s other national dish, Glaswegians reign victorious. After all, word on the street says that chicken tikka masala was born in this city. Get your curry fix and consult our guide to the best Indian restaurants in Glasgow.

1. Mother India’s Cafe

Restaurant, Indian

Chicken Coriander At Mother India
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Tried and true, Mother India’s Cafe reigns supreme with its never-ending menu overflowing with tantalizing options. The best part is the tapas-style element to the dishes. These perfectly proportioned miniature bites hit the spot and leave an excuse to snap up lots of different menu items. Strategically placed near the Kelvingrove Art Gallery, this innovative Indian eatery is the perfect blend of home style cooking and excitement.

2. KoolBa

Restaurant, Indian

Chicken shawarma kebab skewer gently cooking on a smoking barbecue
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Authentic and exquisite, foodies can’t help but form a soft spot for KoolBa. The pretty little lights suspended from the ceiling amidst the canopies, pinstriped booths, attentive service and most of all, the beautiful blend of Persian and Indian food, creates the most desirable balance. When it comes to this family-run eatery, every single dish is made to order and each ingredient is the epitome of fresh. Try the chicken pakora, any of the kebabs and Peshwari naan — edible bliss.

3. Little Curry House

Restaurant, Indian

Chicken Charles Haynes Curry
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Simple and to the point, and yet totally sensational, there’s something special about this one. Little Curry House, with its unassuming décor and cosy vibes, is renowned for producing massive amounts of flavour. The perfect place for a romantic foodie-related evening, make sure to take advantage of the pre-theatre menu, as well as the smashing a la carte. No question about it, quality is key when it comes to this little house of deliciousness.

4. Ashoka West End

Restaurant, Indian

Ashoka, Argyle Street
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A classic go-to Glasgow spot, Ashoka West End has been around since 1973. Celebrated as one of the city’s culinary landmarks, it’s just a well-known fact that this wee gem satisfies in the food stakes time after time. The curries are always on point and the wonderful range of pakora always goes down a treat. If the glorious invention that is haggis pakora sounds appealing, then look no further. Nailing it like there’s no tomorrow!

5. Chaakoo Bombay Cafe

Restaurant, Indian, Middle Eastern

Chaakoo Bombay Cafe, Glasgow
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A Culture Trip worthy eating establishment, Chaakoo Bombay Cafe is a culinary adventure worth embarking upon. The ever-present wondrous blend of enticing flavours are thanks to the legacy of the original Bombay Cafes — eateries created in the 19th century by Persian and Iranian people who moved to India. Such cafes became famous for Irani Chai Tea and a wondrous fusion of classic Iranian grill and classic Bombay dishes. Whatever the menu item, every dish is unwavering in the wow factor, just as the décor is striking and the service unbeatable. Ideal for those who like to be a little bit adventurous.

6. Shish Mahal

Restaurant, Indian

Chicken Tikka Masala
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Unbeatable and revolutionary, Shish Mahal, is hands down the don of all Indian restaurants in Glasgow. This is, after all, the place that claims to be the proud creator of the legendary dish chicken tikka masala, all thanks to Mr Ali Ahmed Asam, the righteous Curry King of the UK’s Curry Capital. Year after year, this prestigious house takes the world by storm with multiple awards. Try any of the dishes — which are multifaceted in that they draw upon numerous cuisines from all over India — and see what all the fuss is about. Ineffable, sumptuous flavours aside, this legendary institution is so glorious that Morgan Freeman said it was one of the best meals he’s ever had. What’s more, a Glasgow native tattooed ‘Shish Mahal’ on her torso (true story) in honour of her dad who swears by the place. Needless to say, her dad will receive free meals for all eternity!

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