The Best Cafes And Coffee Shops In Glasgow

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Tori Chalmers

If coffee were a person, they would be the life and soul of the party. The individual who would keep the beats flowing and mix the drinks to perfection. Always there to cheer you up, make you smile and instill a hefty dose of energy, you can’t help but love them. For times when you just need your best mate, consider this your go-to guide to the top caffeinated spots in Glasgow.

1. The Glad Cafe

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The Glad Cafe C.I.C, Glasgow
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Join the children of the revolution and make The Glad Cafe your stomping ground. Needless to say, it will make you…glad! So much more than a cafe, this diamond of a place hosts live music, poetry sessions, films, philosophical talks and cultural events, as well as multiple good deeds, thanks to their links with Glad Rags Thrift Shop and the Glad Foundation, a charity providing the community with affordable and free music lessons. Made from locally-sourced products, the food is fantastic, the cakes from Wild Flours Gluten Free Bakery are magnificent, and that coffee courtesy of Dear Green — pure bliss. Expect delightfully eclectic tunes and a stellar vibe.

2. Papercup Coffee Company

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Café Jiran, Durban

Coffee connoisseurs will take to Papercup Coffee Company like an espresso shot to a hangover. As a specialty coffee roaster, these guys take extra care when sourcing coffee to ensure it’s of the highest quality. From there, their small batch roaster works wonders. The atmosphere is perfectly unpretentious, rendering it a prime spot for some thinking time. Try the food — the small menu hosts scrumptious dishes made from reputable ingredients.

3. Artisan Roast

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Artisan Roast
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Artisan Roast is a coffee adorned cloud nine. Hipper than hip, forget experts — these guys are coffee savants. Scientists dedicated to creating that perfect taste, consistency and overall pizzazz. Long story short, they have their own roastery and they know their stuff, so much so that they could brew a perfect cup in their sleep. Organic food and industrial rustic furnishings add that extra bit of flair.

4. Cafe Zique

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Breakfast with Wholemeal Bread Toast and Poached Egg with Green Salad, Avocado
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Whether Cafe Zique or Deli Zique, you just can’t go wrong. The kind of place suited to getting lost in conversation, this smashing cafe has the most delicious breakfasts. The cakes and food in general always hit the spot and the coffee never fails to go down a treat. Wooden seats, the airy feel, great people watching, handy wee tables and otherworldly soup sets them apart from the rest.

5. University Cafe

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Digital tablet and cup of coffee
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A tried and true Glasgow icon, University Cafe, which has been around since 1918, is a blast from the past. From penny chews and fantastically greasy fry-ups made for post-night out on the town feels, to the signature ice cream, this gem could never lose its lustre. The décor adds to its vibe as a preserved old school movie set, and the booths are surprisingly comfy. When that hankering for mac ‘n’ cheese and chips encompasses all thoughts, you know where to go. A hidden paradise.

6. Tinderbox

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Coffee and Snack
Tinderbox is a playground for coffee aficionados and cake enthusiasts alike. It’s all in the detail with this place — the large windows, contemporary sleek feel, coffee brewed to perfection, tasty bites and arty atmosphere. Those needing to knuckle down and get some work done will view this spot as a caffeinated hub of productivity.

7. Laboratorio Espresso

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Swiss Espresso Shot
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A little piece of Italy in good old Glasgow, Laboratorio Espresso is a serene and sophisticated sanctuary. The coffee list, with its killer Italian-inspired house blend, guest espressos from across the globe, and filter menu, is extensive and perhaps offers the most versatile selection in the city. You don’t have to be a design debonair to take note of the striking architectural surroundings. Food wise, the traditional Italian cakes are more-ish and the lunches by Eusebi Deli are bellissimo. A welcomed wee hideaway from the hustle and bustle of the urban jungle.

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