Over 100 First Nation Canadians Arrive in Scotland for ‘Outlander’ Filming

‘Outlander’s Claire and Jamie
‘Outlander’s Claire and Jamie | © Starz
Tori Chalmers

Any Outlander fan will appreciate the scrupulous attention to detail required to craft each episode, from the production design and costumes to the hair and makeup – and then there’s the dreamy scenery of Scotland. In a bid to honour the show’s commitment to authenticity, the team has cast over 100 First Nation peoples from Canada to film in the upcoming season.

With season four filming already in full swing, the Outlander crew just welcomed the 100-plus First Nation peoples, who arrived in Scotland to film as members of the Cherokee and Mohawk Nations in a series of speaking and supporting roles.

Claire and Jamie from ‘Outlander’

Set to air in November 2018, the new season will take the time-travelling leads Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie (Sam Heughan) to colonial America, where they will face the realities and power dynamics that occurred during that time.

As they wanted to stress the importance of historical sensitivity, the Outlander team opted to invite First Nation members instead of casting actors to masquerade as indigenous peoples. With the 100-strong First Nation group guiding the way, every department has engaged in an extensive research process to better understand the world they are creating.

First Nation Peoples

The team (including production design, hair and makeup and costume) studied a wide array of traditional techniques and cultural idiosyncrasies ranging from canoe building to hand weaving. By doing so, the end result should be one that ensures the authenticity of the time, place and most importantly, both the historical and cultural contexts portrayed in the story.

In a world where the true social narratives of First Nations peoples and other indigenous communities are all too often misrepresented, hijacked and frankly abused, historical and cultural realness could not be more pertinent.

Still from ‘Outlander’

While battling the midges and temperamental Scottish weather, reports state that the Outlander cast has been filming at multiple locations across Scotland, such as Cumbernauld Glen, Dunblane Cathedral and Gray Buchanan Park, to name a few.

Dunblane Cathedral

Set to enchant one scenic shot at a time, Scotland has also doubled up as the stand-in filming destination for North Carolina.

Based on Drums of Autumn, the fourth novel in the series by Diana Gabaldon, Outlander’s fourth season is destined to be chock-full of action, emotion and epic storytelling. Those currently experiencing the in-between-season ‘Droughtlander’ effect can seek comfort in knowing that, with the sheer amount of detail being poured into every aspect of production, the best is yet to come for everyone’s favourite Scottish-themed show. If only we could transcend time…

Lotte Verbeek and Caitriona Balfe in ‘Outlander’

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