Will Tinder Passport Make You a Better Traveller?

Passport |  © Chris Fleming/Flickr
Passport | © Chris Fleming/Flickr
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London Writer3 December 2017

Tinder Plus subscribers now have access to a new global feature, aptly named Tinder Passport.

So, what exactly is Tinder Passport? Well, it essentially does what it says on the Tin. Like a real passport, it lets you go anywhere in the world and allows you to swipe through singles in that place. So if you’re confused as to why you’ve found someone on the other side of the world when your radius is set to three miles, chances are they are using the exclusive new Passport feature to have access to your area.

Tinder Passport allows a user to set their location to anywhere in the world and scroll through profiles as if they are really in that area. Whether you’re heading off for a long weekend in Paris, or heading home to see your family for Christmas, this interesting new component allows you to check out the single talent in the area before you even arrive at your destination.

Globe | © Stacie/Flickr

Perfect for single travellers, the dating app’s new feature allows you to match and chat to your heart’s delight, and has the potential to make any trip away slightly all the more interesting. If you’re travelling solo it’s a great opportunity to connect with people in the area before heading there, and all the more fun if you have a few dates lined up before you even arrive.

So could this be the future of travel and holiday romance? While there’s no denying the innovative feature allows you to get a sense for the people in the area without even needing to visit the place itself, others may argue that this virtual venture actually takes away from physically travelling to the area and meeting people first-hand without any preconceptions or expectations.

The new Passport feature also poses an interesting question – will singletons be put off travelling to a specific area if the single users don’t appeal to them?

There’s no doubt Tinder Passport allows you to experience single communities in an area without having to move from your living room sofa, but whether it can actually give you a comprehensive overview of singles in the area is questionable.

Only time will tell if Tinder Passport will make users more open-minded about travelling to new areas in search of love, or if it’ll put people off going to certain places because they don’t like the look of the singles on offer.

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