This is Fashion's Most Desperate New Trend

MUJI Launches Denim with Smartphone Pocket for Spring 2017, courtesy of Camron PR
MUJI Launches Denim with Smartphone Pocket for Spring 2017, courtesy of Camron PR
Photo of India Doyle
19 January 2017

For an industry that prides itself on novelty, there’s little that fashion can do that feels boring. Step forward Muji’s latest denim offer, a pair of jeans with a built-in smartphone pocket.

‘Ah’, readers will cry, ‘but fashion is full of pointless design details, that’s the joy!’ There’s certainly a case to be made here, for there’s nothing like the whimsy of Prada’s latest shell necklaces, or indeed a round up of noughties highlights – read, pink sunglasses – to bring home the fact that the fashion industry makes its money by selling consumers things they do not need.

However – and this is a minor point – what is the difference between a pocket proper and a smartphone pocket? And while you are here, dear reader, may we also enquire how many times you have reached down to grab your smartphone from your back pocket and had to rifle through thinking ‘dammit, where could that enormous bit of metal (and/or plastic) have disappeared to, it was right here ruining my Kardashi-ass curve only moments ago?’ Isn’t a smartphone pocket just a pocket? Is it still a smartphone pocket if there’s no smartphone in it? Throw us a bone here, let us know your thoughts.

Muji’s new jeans | Courtesy of Cameron PR

The smartphone pocket (we might as well embrace the jargon) will be available in six new styles of jeans, and is said by the brand to be an embodiment of their continuing commitment to a marriage of form and function. While Muji’s slick design aesthetic is usually high up on the list for style lovers who embrace minimalism, this addition feels like a step too far. What’s next, a handbag for your wallet?

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