The Best Tattoo Parlours in London

Tattoo artists can stencil the design first or go freehand
Tattoo artists can stencil the design first or go freehand | © Dmitry SHISHKIN / Alamy Stock Photo
Photo of Sage Fitzpatrick
25 June 2019

Getting a tattoo is an exciting prospect, but it’s important to take your time and research the best tattoo parlours in your area before getting inked. Lucky for Londoners, the UK capital is teeming with excellent choices, and Culture Trip has narrowed it down to the very best.

Good Times Tattoo

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Good Times Tattoo in located in Shoreditch in East London | Courtesy of Good Times Tattoo
Walking through the doors of Good Times Tattoo, you’ll find Buddhas and flowers adorning the walls and big windows that cast a lot of light around the space, helping to create a relaxed atmosphere for customers. This East London oasis is also home to some of London’s top tattoo artists, including London Ink’s Nikole Lowe, plus Nick Horn, Piotrek Taton, Hannah Keuls, Harriet Hapgood, Jon Peeler and Boshka Grygoriew-Alvy.

Frith Street Tattoo

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Frith Street Tattoo, London
Frith Street Tattoo has a large pool of talented resident artists to choose from | Courtesy of Frith Street Tattoo
This Soho tattoo parlour opened in 2004 and has enjoyed incredible success in the industry ever since. With excellent resident tattooists as well as famous artists such as Frank Carter making guest appearances, customers will leave the studio with a stunning piece of custom artwork good for life.

Flamin’ Eight

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Established in 1998 by Naresh Bhana, Flamin’ Eight tattoo parlour can be found in North London’s Kentish Town. With global tattooing experience, Bhana wanted to create a studio that allowed his artists to have freedom of expression, while maintaining quality, and he has achieved that in his laid-back, colourful studio. This place is full of inspiration for those needing a helping hand, but the resident artists also have their own specialities (including realism, portraiture and fine-line tattoos) if you’re after something a little more specific.

New Wave Tattoo

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New Wave Tattoo, London
New Wave Tattoo has amassed a huge following since opening in 1979 | Courtesy of New Wave Tattoo
Founded in 1979 by Lal Hardy, New Wave Tattoo is a London institution. Located in the suburb of Muswell Hill, this studio has six talented artists versed in every style of tattooing. It may look modest from the front, but New Wave Tattoo has become one of the most dependable places to get inked in the city.

Evil from the Needle

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Evil From the Needle, London
Evil From the Needle is Camden's longest-running tattoo studio | Courtesy Of Evil From The Needle
Open for almost 30 years, Evil From the Needle is Camden’s longest-running studio. Originally opened by world-famous artist Pascal ‘Bugs’ Jarrion, this studio has since been handed over to the esteemed Jeff Ortega, a tattooer from New York. The artists here specialise in a number of styles and the parlour has been ranked as one of London’s top five by Skin & Ink Magazine.

Love Hate Social Club

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Just a stones throw away from the bustling Portobello Market is Love Hate Social Club. Co-founded by Ami James of Miami Ink and NY Ink fame, this tattoo parlour is home to some of the very best tattoo artists from the US and Europe. You’ll also find a studio of the same name in Cork, Ireland.

Cloak and Dagger

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Cloak & Dagger, London
The tattooists at Cloak and Dagger are happy to offer advice about tattoo designs | Courtesy of Cloak & Dagger
Cloak and Dagger is ideal for those looking for a Japanese-style tattoo, as this is one of their specialities, but the artists here are skilled in other areas too. You’ll find 12 friendly tattooists at this parlour just waiting to offer advice and a unique tattoo experience to all who walk through their doors.
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