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© Mission- Breakout
© Mission- Breakout
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The Best Escape Rooms in London, UK

Picture of Ruaidhrí Carroll
London Travel Writer
Updated: 4 June 2018
Escape rooms are ideal for days out with friends or family, team-building work socials and even dates, too – in fact, they’re great for pretty much every occasion. How do they work? Simple. Teams of two to six players are locked in a room and given 60 minutes to search the room for clues, solve some puzzles and escape. So, for any would-be Alan Turings out there, here are a few of the best escape rooms that London has to offer.

Escape Rooms

Boasting two London venues, Escape Rooms offers visitors gripping storylines both north and south of the Thames. Escape Rooms London Bridge challenges players to release the 99 souls trapped in Pharaoh’s Chamber or time travel from 17th century China to the British Museum in the present day. Alternatively, hunt out the Nazi base in The Dark Side of the Moon or save humanity from rogue technology in Project: D.I.V.A. at the futuristic Escape Rooms Angel, which opened in 2017.

Escape Rooms Angel
Escape Rooms Angel | © Escape Rooms

Clue Adventures

Located in Limehouse, East London, Clue Adventures is available for two to six players over the age of 14. Escapees are tasked with saving Master Magician Alistair Wilson, who disappeared on New Year’s Eve 1999, but whose flat is about to be demolished by the authorities. You have one hour.

Mission: Breakout

Found within a tube station in the London Borough of Camden, Mission: Breakout is ideal for getting to South Kentish Town station – or at least it would have been, if it had not closed to the public in 1924. Players will need their wits about them as they try to decode the secret Nazi messages and save the world.

Courtesy of Mission: Breakout
Courtesy of Mission: Breakout | © Mission: Breakout

Enigma Quests

Teams of three to five players can test their detective skills over 60 minutes as they try to escape from either of two rooms at Enigma Quests. Harry Potter fans can graduate from the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, while The Million Pound Heist is great for any wannabe bank robbers. A sci-fi addition – Interstellar: Across the Galaxies – is coming soon.


Omescape is an international live escape room group that has over 30 branches across Asia, America, Australia, and now its movie-like sets, professionally designed puzzles and high-tech props have arrived in the Big Smoke. Fans of TV show Black Mirror might be interested to hear that this place also offers the world’s first team-based virtual reality (VR) escape game.

Courtesy of Omescape
Courtesy of Omescape | © Omescape


Step into the secret crime-fighting agency of Mr. Q and become one of his recruits at clueQuest. Teams of three to five players can choose any of three missions: PLAN52 is in the secret office of Mr. Q; Operation BlackSheep takes place in the lair of Mr. Q’s arch-enemy, Professor BlackSheep; while Revenge of the Sheep, for more experienced players, involves foiling Professor BlackSheep’s plan to destroy mankind.

Breakin’ Escape Rooms London

London’s most diverse escape rooms experience, Breakin’ Escape Rooms offers players six different rooms to try their luck in. Fans of crime dramas will love Sherlock’s Despair; gore-lovers might be more inclined towards the Butcher’s Lair; while sci-fi enthusiasts should opt for War on Horizon Alpha – and that’s just the half of it.

Courtesy of Breakin’ Escape Rooms
Courtesy of Breakin’ Escape Rooms | © Breakin' Escape Rooms


Every room at ClueTrace has 19 locks to be cracked by a team of 18 escapees over the course of 60 minutes. Mindcrime sets the team – a group of thought thieves – against a master criminal, whose mind holds a secret code that is vital to your success. For escape room veterans, Mission Critical sends players travelling through time and space, visiting 1980s London and Berlin, to identify the double agent. Another room called Mission Forever will be joining ClueTrace soon.