Gözleme: The Mouth-Watering Turkish Snack You Didn’t Even Know You Were Craving

Fresh gözleme being made
Fresh gözleme being made | © Jakub Kapusnak, Foodiesfeed.com
Louise Stapley

Trend forecasters talk about something called an ‘adoption curve’ when it comes to tracking the course of whatever they predict will be the next big thing. If you’ve already heard of gözleme, consider yourself an ‘early adopter’ (props to you), because this Turkish snack is set to become BIG on the street food scene this summer.

Gozleme is a Turkish snack cooked on a hot griddle

Halfway between a pancake and a flatbread, gözleme is fast food at its very best – quick, cheap, and satisfying. It might even be good for you… the jury’s out.

It comes stuffed with savoury fillings like spinach and cheese or spiced, minced lamb, and is usually cooked fresh to-order by a Turkish lady sitting astride a hot, domed griddle. The rhythmic folding, flipping and shifting of the pancake on the griddle gives you a moment to dwell on the mouth-watering anticipation that always precedes fantastic street food.

Fresh gözleme being made

We predict it to become a common sight on brunch menus very soon – it’s just crying out to have a poached egg perched on top of it. In the meantime, head down to Saray Cafe on east London’s Broadway Market, where a team of cooks sit in the window making gözleme from a stash of dough. Each serving costs just a few pounds and is made before your eyes, with every fresh piece rolled out, brushed with butter and eggs, stuffed and cooked, seemingly all day long.


Hungry for some yet? Of course you are – it’s undeniably crave-able. We’ll see you in the queue.

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