Eyebrows On FLEEK: An Interview with Justine Skye

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Justine Skye is an American singer and model, with almost 1m Instagram followers, a friendship circle that includes Kylie Jenner and Machine Gun Kelly, and an unparalleled power to pull off purple hair.

An increasingly common story for today’s emerging stars, Skye’s big break came after her cover of Drake’s ‘Headlines’ was discovered on Youtube. It quickly racked up 2m views, and saw Skye being snapped up by Atlantic Records in 2013. Today, she has not only expanded her musical following but also launched collaborations with major beauty brands such as MAC and developed a cult following around her style. Skye mixes statement metallics with off-duty street wear, blending performance and casual wear with ease. As she touched down in London for her new collaboration with MAC, we talked to the ‘U Don’t Know’ singer about nailing eyebrows and her beauty essentials.

Culture Trip: You grew up in New York, how do you think the city has shaped your sound?

Justine Skye: I feel like being from Brooklyn and growing up listening to New York radio has allowed me to hear different sounds and melodies when it comes to making music. There’s a huge difference in music when it comes to what part of the country or even world it comes from.

CT: Your music draws on personal experience, what have been the defining moments of your career so far?

JS: I feel like I haven’t reached that ‘defining moment’ just yet, but I have had some pretty epic ones. Performing at Made In America Festival 2016 was huge for me, my first huge festival. Working on my latest project 8 Ounces with musical geniuses The Dream and Tricky Stewart is also definitely one for the books. I learned a lot during the time that I spent with them in the studio.

CT: Let’s talk beauty: what are your essential items for going out?

JS: I always need a nude lipgloss, and for some reason I end up with 5 different types of chapsticks in my purse (clearly I don’t want chapped lips ever!). I also like to keep my NARS concealer because it’s slim and can fit right in your purse for touch ups.


CT: What is it about purple that you’re into?

JS: People really think purple is my favourite colour, but it actually isn’t. Purple was just the only colour my mother let me dye my hair when I was younger, and I guess I became so comfortable with it I never even imagined dying it another colour. It has become a part of who Justine Skye is organically and… I like it, lol.

CT: What was your favourite discovery in make-up, do you have a technique you’ve mastered, that you’re proud of?

JS: My favourite discovery would probably have to be eyelash extensions. It saves me so much time when it comes to doing my makeup, especially because I never mastered how to put on lash strips. Something that I would say I did master is learning how to make sure my eyebrows are on FLEEK!


CT: What are you looking forward to in 2017?

JS: I’m planning on going on the road for a few dates with The Dream, who executive produced and wrote 8 Ounces. I also have many surprises that will be announced throughout the year that I can’t wait for everyone to see. I’m also currently in the studio working on my debut album.

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