Culture Trip hosts exclusive Egyptian Night Quiz at London's Tutankhamun exhibition

Jessica Dellow

For one night only, Culture Trip will take over the Saatchi Gallery café to commemorate one of the greatest ever archaeological discoveries in history, Tutankhamun’s tomb. Culture Trip features stories that reveal what is special and unique about a destination, its people and its culture. Join us for a night filled with Egyptian artefacts and treasure, music by renowned Soho Radio DJs Simone Marie (Primal Scream) and Jon More, and plenty of light-hearted fun and booze.

Start the night with a walk through the exhibition where you’ll get to marvel at ancient treasures and world heritage artefacts, fill your head with astonishing Egyptian facts, and see royal items preserved from over 700 years ago. After exploring, make your way down to the Saatchi Gallery café, where you’ll participate in a quiz with a Culture Trip twist. Grab a drink and get ready to solve riddles, answer questions about historic and modern Egypt, and decipher Egyptian hieroglyphics. The Night Quiz will be presented by Culture Trip’s very own Cassam Looch, the presenter of award-winning digital series Beyond Hollywood.

Join us for a fun-filled evening and get a glimpse into the young monarch’s life and his treasures before they return to Egyptian soil forever. Take a look at how Tutankhamun and Egyptian history has impacted culture, new and old, and enjoy an evening of entertainment to truly celebrate the magic of discovery with Culture Trip.

So, grab your friends, think up a witty team name, and join us for an exclusive Culture Trip Night Quiz where you’ll get to wander around the famous exhibition, and embark on an unforgettable evening of renowned DJs, plenty of booze and Friday night Egyptian fun.

1. Culture Trip hosts exclusive Egyptian Night Quiz at London's Tutankhamun exhibition

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Dive down the Egyptian rabbit hole for an evening celebrating young Tutankhamun and his world-renowned treasures – some of which are appearing in England for the first time ever. This is an opportunity to celebrate a milestone in archeological history alongside curious travellers and Egyptian enthusiasts alike. An evening of fascinating facts, pumping tunes and fun-filled entertainment is promised.

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