Culture Trip Content Team

Culture Trip Content Team
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In-house creative and editorial teams work with a global network of freelance creators to tell location-focused stories around the world, including articles, videos, photography, illustration and animation.


Anne Bourgeois-Vignon, Executive Creative Director

Dan Etheridge, Director, Content Development and Ops

Brand studio and commercial content team

Vanessa Arnaud, Dave Barry, Matilda Egere-Cooper, Jessica Dellow, Mick Greenwood, Sarah Herbst, Keisha Lamothe, Ana Perez Lopez, Paul Sethi, Kris Sheasby

Copy editing and production

Benjamin Kempton, Gemma Knight, Alison Thomson

Editorial team

Lou Boyd, Hannah Clark, Kimberley Grant, Anthony Johnston, Fiona Kenny, Cassam Looch, Pamela Owen, Josephine Platt, Sara Siddeeq

Experiences and Places to Stay content team

Chloe Byrne, Molly Codyre, Sofia Fernandez-Vyas, Geneva Starr, Josh Taylor