Why Are So Many People Playing With Slime on Instagram?

Slime | © Josh Hallett/Flickr
Slime | © Josh Hallett/Flickr
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Contributing Editor & Writer6 June 2017

Instagram gives birth to the weirdest and most unique trends, and right there on your explore feed, amongst ‘fleeky’ selfies, food porn and travel goals, lie the slime videos…yep, slime. People are making slime out of glue and borax, recording themselves poke and stretch it – and people are going crazy over it.

But why?

Apparently, to slime fanatics, the sounds created when playing with the slime can trigger ASMR (Auto-Sensory Meridian Response) which is a phenomenon of a full-body response to particular sounds, this can be whispering, scratching, or at this case, the sound of someone poking slime. People who have experienced ASMR have explained the tingles that they feel all over their body alongside a strong sense of relaxation. So it’s basically free therapy – but through Instagram. We bring you the top eight slime accounts you ought to check out to experience that ASMR treatment for yourself.


Considered one of the ultimate ‘slime queens’ of Instagram, Glitter.slimes was the first person to give up her job to become a full-time ‘slimer’. She now runs the biggest online slime store and hires six members of staff to help her make, package and post slimes to her thousands of customers around the world. Kudos to her and her success!

Now here’s some bubblegum slime.


The first ever slime account to reach one million followers on Instagram, slimequeeens has been reigned the queen bee of the slime world. Known for her rainbow-like feed and extremely satisfying slime poking, this page is without a doubt a one-stop-shop for any ASMR seeker.

here's another video for 1 mil (sorry the colors gross oops)

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For those who are slime-virgins, there are different kind of slimes that create different sounds and textures; fluffy slime, crunchy slime, jiggly slime, bubblegum slime… the list can go on. Slime_og is the original inventor of ‘butter slime’ which is slime mixed in with clay, creating a thick, buttery texture – which still stands as the biggest slime trend of all time! Listen to it for yourself, and enjoy.


Slime accounts have to get creative to prevent the slime trend from dying, so often they replicate real-life objects with slime to keep it fresh. Kickassslime has to be the most creative slime account out there; replicating anything from frozen blueberries to Starbucks drinks, it’s no wonder they have the most viewed slime videos of all time. Check out their take on the infamous strawberry lemonade ice drink.


Crunchslimes is the biggest ‘repost’ account for crispy, crunchy slime. You’re probably thinking, how can slime sound crunchy? Well, slimers mix styrofoam, glitter or any types of beads to make create slime that crunches when you stretch. It’s hard to not find this satisfying to the ears! The crunchier the slime, the better the ASMR.

vc: @snow._.belle via #/crunchslimesnotice Who is your favorite slime account?

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Popularslime started a recent trend of mixing slime with Daiso clay, which is the recipe for butter slime. The trend within a trend became so popular that almost every slime account has a video of them mixing clay into their slime. There’s a sense of satisfaction seeing something messy turn into something so smooth.

i swear i made the best cool whip slime ever it's not even like the fluff i made it's way better

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The Instagram slime world is mostly dominated by female slimers, making Slimecaptain one of a kind. He’s the most popular male slime expert who has an awesomely clean feed, satisfying those who search for ASMR. Fun fact about Slimecaptain: He’s famous for saving up all the money he made from selling his slime to take his Mother on vacation. How cute is that?


Known for her amazing slime recipes and tutorials on her Youtube channel, Peachybbies is an expert in creating the cutest slimes and showing the world how to make them. With her aesthetically pleasing feed, you’ll fall into slime heaven from the first poke to the last.

Just look at these Oreo cookie slimes!

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