Man Rides Old Racehorse in English Countryside, Regrets It Forever

© Nick Bull / YouTube
© Nick Bull / YouTube
‘Whoah, whoah, whoah… Sham, walk… woah… Shamrock!… No, Sham for f*ck’s sake!’ screams Nick Bull, the rider who just became a hit sensation on YouTube after he fell off an ex-racehorse.

‘Woah, Shamrock!’ The viral video has amassed over two-million views since it was uploaded on video-networking site YouTube on March 19.

‘Shamrock is a retired racehorse,’ wrote rider Nick Bull in the YouTube description. ‘On this day, he forgot he was retired, or that I’m not that experienced a rider and decided to take me for the ride of my life.’

‘Please excuse the bad language and girly screams at the end…,’ Bull ended.

Watch the hilarious video below.