Young, Rich Millennials Are Using Their Mobile Phones to Book Private Jets

| © Stratajet
| © Stratajet | © Stratajet

The number of millennials using their mobile phones to book private jets is on the rise, symptomatic of the way today’s young luxury consumers are far more comfortable making big ticket purchases via their smartphones.

Stratajet, a mobile app that lets customers instantly hire private charters, says that 25-to-34-year-olds represent its largest age group. “Whether it be innovations like flagging a taxi or even, now, booking a private jet, the ability to make a purchase at the tap of a button is essential to an increasingly busy and time-poor younger generation,” says Jonny Nicol, founder and CEO of Stratajet.

Among its customers, over two-thirds (69%) of searches are made by customers aged 44 or younger, significantly bucking the industry average. While some people still book their flights through brokers, apps like Stratajet allow customers to search and compare different carriers. A next day flight from London to New York, for example, can cost between $45,000 and $65,000 depending on the level of luxury.
The number of women using Stratajet has also doubled since 2016, with the number of searches increasing by over 50% more than men. “The adoption of technology, especially via smartphone devices will continue to lift the industry’s barriers of inaccessibility,” predicts Nicol. “As this happens we fully expect smartphones to become the go-to means for consumers to access private aviation, further changing the way people travel.”

Doug Gollan author of Secrets of Selling to the Super Rich says that the market is becoming more diverse. “If you thought finding a private aviation solution was just about the jet, think again,” he told Forbes. “If you want to weigh hobnobbing with pro athletes and celebrities, walking the red carpet into VIP suites, and perks, discounts and free nights at luxury hotels, fashion designers, and jewelers into the equation, the company you choose may be offering you thousands of dollars in added value.”
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