Where to Find Scouse in Liverpool, The City's Favourite Stew

Scouse, beetroot and bread | © Alison Benbow/Flickr
Scouse, beetroot and bread | © Alison Benbow/Flickr
While most people visit Liverpool to enjoy its many Beatles attractions and culturally rich heritage, how many of you knew about the traditional Liverpool dish, Scouse?

Scouse is a stew consisting of beef or lamb, onions, potatoes, carrots and meat stock; it is traditionally served with pickled beetroot or red cabbage. Head to any of the below places to get a taste of the city’s favourite stew!

Maggie May's

Cafe, British, Coffee, Vegetarian

Established since 1996, Maggie May’s is arguably the essential place to go for a bowl of Scouse in Liverpool. Not only can you sit in and eat it at the restaurant, Maggie May’s also sells Scouse by the pouch in their restaurant and at local branches of Tesco, so you can enjoy it in the comfort of your own home.

Maggie May’s also serves a range of other local dishes, including Pea Wack soup and Wet Nellies.

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Deli, Bar, Restaurant, Tapas, Mediterranean, European, Spanish, $$$

Though Lunya is actually a Catalan deli and tapas restaurant, this doesn’t stop them serving up their own twist on a Liverpool classic! One of their menu options is the Catalan Scouse, which they describe as “our signature dish blending the best of Liverpool with Catalunya; made with chorizo and morcilla”.

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The Baltic Fleet

Pub, Bar, Craft Ale Bar, British, Pub Grub
Baltic Fleet
Baltic Fleet | © Adam Bruderer/Flickr
The Baltic Fleet already has a stellar reputation for the fact that it’s the only pub in Liverpool that brews the beers on tap beneath your feet, but they also serve up a top notch bowl of Scouse. In the colder months, the pub utilises its traditional wood-burning stove and encourages customers to pop in for a hearty bowl of Scouse in front of the fire.
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Fodder Canteen

Cafe, British, Coffee

Probably one of the lesser-known eateries in Liverpool (quite the hidden gem, in fact) is Fodder Canteen, previously known as Fruit + Fibres. Here you’re served only the finest local ingredients in a homely atmosphere, with a special emphasis on their bottomless Scouse. Yup, all you can eat! The locals rave about the food here, so why not check it out for yourself?

Fodder Canteen also doubles up as a craft workshop on the side and is situated within The Baltic Triangle.

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