Week in Pictures: a Jaded Romance

© Everett Collection / Shutterstock
© Everett Collection / Shutterstock
Everybody may think that being a couple is all about romance, long-stemmed roses and candle-lit dinners. So here are some tips on romance from a more jaded point of view.

Silence is golden

Let out some gas and see how much they love you…

On the beach in Tel Aviv © rasika108 / Shutterstock

Hearts on your… umbrella

Because wearing your heart on your sleeve is just so 1994.

Enjoying fireworks festival Hanabi at lake Biwa in Otsu, Japan © umitomori.o / Shutterstock


…And laugh at all the people stuck in traffic (suckers!).

Elderly couple in the mountain village Masouleh © Jakob Fischer / Shutterstock

Always show some sass…

…Because life is boring unless you know how to throw ‘shade’!

Old armenian couple in Yerevan, Armenia © Andrii Lutsyk / Shutterstock

Sharing is caring…

But more importantly, someone else’s food always tastes better.

Mongkok, Kowloon city © Caroline Pang / Shutterstock

Walk tall and celebrate your differences …

Because walking like other chickens is just so mainstream.

Photo by HAP/Quirky China News/REX/Shutterstock

Make it art!

Remember, stripes are slimming.

Vertical and horizontal panels on boardwalk © TK21HX / Shutterstock

Always show your pride …

You will be amazed how much face paint and glitter can make your day.

Naples Gay Pride Parade © PFMphotostock / Shutterstock

Take a moment…

For body warmth.

Couple in snowy landscape © Grisgoris Siamidis / Shutterstock

Always look to the stars…

And then cop a feel while they’re not looking.

Under the stars © Yuri Zvezdny / Shutterstock